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Lily Keeps Colorado Organic with New Organic Farm Center Near Keenesburg Wild Animal Sanctuary

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care was the first skin care company in the world to offer farm fresh skin care products in 1986 and now she’s pioneering again and building an Organic Farm Center open to the public. The Organic Farm Center will be home to Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care’s USDA-certified farm and laboratory where Lily makes her award-winning, USDA certified organic skin care products and where visitors can purchase directly from a USDA-certified organic grower. Stay tuned for more news.

Morgan is a 7th generation farmer and author of the book Beauty, Health and Happiness—A Way of Life. Lily Farm Fresh provides the highest degree of sustainability and traceability from ingredients grown on her own pristine Colorado organic farmland.

Put your faith in a 7th generation farmer. Trust Lily to give you everything you want in a skin care product and wake up refreshed with Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care.

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We value freshness at Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care. This isn’t just part of our name; it’s who we are and what we do. We make every one of our skin care products by hand directly after harvesting our certified organic ingredients in our own USDA-certified organic laboratory on our own certified organic farm. We make our products to order and everything is always as fresh as it can possibly be.

Going to all this effort ensures the products we make for you are pure, natural, potent and effective. Your skin will be protected from the elements and you’ll feel radiant when using ingredients that are fresher than your produce!

→ Amazing results, fresh, local, organic, sustainable … Lily gives the hoe-down with 8 reasons why you’ll love Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care.

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