There are many reasons one should buy organic.  The Organic Center recently posted a great article listing the top 12 reasons.  Here is #9.

9. Promote Biodiversity and Beauty in Rural Landscapes.

“Organic farmers not only encourage biodiversity, they depend on it – both above and below the ground. Experienced organic farmers have learned over many decades that combining multiple crops with livestock and other animals is the best way to promote soil health and fully utilize the rainfall and sunlight that falls on an acre in any given year.” Generations of Organic by The Organic Center, Boulder, CO.

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Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care used to be called Lily Organics, and that’s because we believe so strongly in the organic movement. In fact, we were organic before it was a movement. We believe in being organic because it’s good, not because it’s a fad.

In 1986 “green” wasn’t a buzzword. But at Lily’s Farm we had already pioneered results-driven organic skin care. Today, we have almost 30 years of organic production expertise. It’s what makes our product phenomenal.

We only use our whole plant system or broad spectrum aqua liquid extracts. This maintains all the unique physical and natural chemical constituents in the plant, which synergistically gives you highest efficacy by maintaining all the bio-active compounds in the plant to work together. This integrated approach gives all the plants benefits to your skin.

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