The root problem causing psoriasis has not been proven, but it is said to be diet, chemical household and body care products, the body eliminating hard proteins and fats, or an overabundance of activity in one’s life. The new cells are occurring at a very fast rate, much faster than the body needs. In this article you will find organic skin care treatments for Psoriasis.

Therefore, it is said these new cells become scaly and begin collecting under the skin and cause the dermis underneath to be hard, resulting in dry, scaly, and itchy skin in patches, which bleed when one scratches them. Psoriasis is often hereditary and almost always irritating.

The first cure to reach for is to decrease the amount of stress in your life. Accomplish this by getting daily exercise and relaxing through hobbies, exercise, meditation, yoga, sunshine, or other healthful activities you enjoy.

13 Tips to help with  psoriasis

  1. Fill your diet with an abundance of fresh and cooked vegetables, and fresh fruit along with natural grains.
  2. Enjoy more time outdoors. Psoriasis can be helped through intelligent sunbathing, since it usually appears on areas protected from the sun. Also, it seems to get worse in the winter.
  3. Many psoriasis sufferers have high cholesterol and can help the condition by eating sunflower oil containing lecithin, which helps emulsify fat in the body.
  4. Increase your general vitality to help your body’s own efforts to combat psoriasis and other conditions. Nutrients are lost because your skin constantly has to renew itself, so taking extra vitamins, especially vitamin A, vitamin C, the B’s and folic acid, as well as kelp, have been found to help.
  5. Drink herbal teas that have relaxing effects on the nervous system such as chamomile, hops, and wild oats, and then apply to affected area.
  6. Many find taking lecithin tablets of value, three tablets after every meal and applying externally, while others take Vitamin E and apply it to the area with good results.
  7. Drink burdock tea and apply it topically.
  8. Apply comfrey root poultice.
  9. Take avocado oil and apply it topically.
  10. Take evening primrose oil and apply topically.
  11. Apply essential oils of lavender and bergamont, with almond oil or sunflower oil.
  12. Try “clean” body care products such as Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Oil Free Skin Conditioning Serum, Organic Kukui Sensitive Facial Oil Treatment , high quality mists with lavender and lily, and dry skin creams with shea butter.
  13. Take a vacation at the ocean and swim daily, or put sea salts in your bath.

Excerpted from “Beauty Health and Happiness–A way of life,” by Lily Morgan available on our website at

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