The extraction of benzoin oil is usually done tincture-style with high quality grain alcohol. It is often used as a fixative in making perfume and has a nice pleasant scent. The benzoin trees are usually from Thailand or Sumatra. When the trunk of the tree is cut, the gum or resin exudes, which technically makes it a resin. Historically, benzoin tree gum has been used for incense to drive away evil spirits.

It is an antiseptic, deodorant, sedative, and skin tonic for irritations, wounds, dry and cracked skin, and used as a preservative. Although I enjoy using benzoin tree gum in my products for its warming, toning, and healing skin effects, I have never found it to be an adequate preservative although I have run many tests with it.

A very old recipe recommends benzoin tree gum and cinnamon for tiredness, physical and psychological. It is warming, drying, and energizing. It is often used in aromatherapy to help overcome misery, fear, anger, and self-doubt.