Botanicals from an organic farm make the best ingredients for natural skin care.

Are you looking for natural skin care products that provide real results without chemicals or toxins? Trying botanicals for a variety of skin care issues and ailments provide everything you’re looking for in a beauty aid.

The research it takes to find just the right organic material for your particular need, however, can be overwhelming. Let’s take a preview of three of the most beneficial botanicals in natural skin care. Look for future posts detailing these wonderful ingredients.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has long been used by sunbathers to cool a wicked sunburn. In fact, I believe every kitchen should have an aloe vera plant. Not only is it one of the best natural skin care ingredients, it is the best first-aid kit for all kinds of kitchen burns.

The more adventurous, or simply clumsy, individuals also use aloe vera to reduce the look of various scars. With 8 amino acids and almost all of the essential vitamins along with a slew of minerals, aloe vera is often recognized for its healing properties.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has long been recognized in nutrition circles for for being rich in anti-oxidants. Lately, the beauty industry has started taking advantage of incoporating olive oil in skin care products.The moisturizing properties in olive oil hydrate dry skin, while its antioxidants soothe irritated or sunburned skin.

Others employ olive oil as a lip balm. Its moisturizing and  antioxidant qualities also make it a prime ingredient for an under eye cream. It’s also a solution for both stretch marks and cracked heels!

Argan Oil

The new kid on the block, at least as far as the west is concerned, is argan oil. It’s been getting a lot of press as of late, and with good reason! Argan oil’s antioxidant properties are in large part due to its high levels of vitamin E and its unsaturated fatty acids.

This highly beneficial oil has long been used in Morocco for natural skin and hair care. This is such a unique product, look for the upcoming blog post all about this ingredient!


Obviously, there are many many more of nature’s components that contribute to organic skin care products and that act as natural moisturizers for the skin. At Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care we not only use natural ingredients in our products, we grow them ourselves. Browse our full line of natural skin care products.

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