Since I started 26 years ago, in 1986, a few companies have put USDA organic skin

care on the market and that is really wonderful.  I am so happy so many people

are now interested in organic skin care.   There is a lot of confusion in the organic skin

care world.  Before I go through the list of specifics, the most important thing about our

products is they give you the results you want in a skin care product.  How can they not?

They are filled with Mother Nature’s greatest gifts to us, essential oils, the finest

organic ingredients, your skin can’t help but be radiant and glow!


1.)We are still the only skin care company in the world that is a USDA certified

organic grower!  We do it from the dirt up!

2.) We actually handcraft each individual product!

3.) We make every single one of our products up FRESH!  Feel the difference

freshness makes!

4.) We have a USDA certified organic laboratory and FDA inspected lab that is

completely in compliance with both regulatory agencies.

5.) We do everything ourselves.  We have complete quality control from seed to shelf!

6.) We have a total of 6 USDA certified organic products, only one on the market right

now.  We are coming out a USDA certified organic Rose Toner soon and then are other 4 US