Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Consumer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (Refund Policy)

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care is so sure you will love the results you get with our products that we  guarantee you will love our products and the results they produce. If for any reason you are unhappy with the products please send them back to us within 30 days of the invoice date for a full refund. We do request, that you tell us exactly what you did not like about them, so we can use your feedback for future formulations, evaluations, assessments, etc. You may exchange it for something else, you may ask for a Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care credit or you may ask for a full credit card refund. All shipping expenses to get the product back to Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care is the responsibility of the customer, unless it is the error of Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care. All returns must be postmarked within 60 days of the invoice to get a refund. We are unable to take returns on international orders.

To resellers of our products: we do not guarantee that you will sell our products.  There are no returns on products for any reseller, store, or anyone who purchased our products at wholesale prices.

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care

We are not a fair trade company, because often times Lily, our chief farm hand is not paid! If we do not make enough money to pay Lily, the chief farm hand, she does not get paid.  She is not protected by any rigorous oversight or arbitration, sadly. If there is no money, she does not get paid, so buy our products so Lily can make a livable wage.

Shipping Policy

We make our products up fresh for you! Therefore, you must get your order in before Sunday at noon, to have your order made fresh and shipped on Monday. We only ship every Monday. If you order on Tuesday, your order will not be made or shipped until the following Sunday. This insures you get the best, freshest, highest quality product on planet Earth.

Promotions, Special Offers, and Coupon Policies

Only one promotion, special offer or coupon can be used per order.


I have recently been converted to your skin care line. I am currently 28 and my skin has not looked and felt this good since I was 14, before I started breaking out in acne. Over the past fourteen years I have tried lots of products from completely chemically based to completely natural, to somewhere in between. All promised to clear my skin and make it glow. Needless to say none of the many, many products I have tried in the past have worked very well for me. It has been 2 months since using your products and my skin is clear and feels so soft and happy. I knew that your products would be gentle on my skin and non-irritating but I had no idea that it would CLEAR UP MY ACNE!!! and much to my dermatologist’s dismay, I have been able to stop my prescription of clindamycin (topical antibiotic for acne) and keep my skin in check through your products and diet.

After reading about your company through your web site and book and testing your products, I have regained my faith in mother nature and the power of plants to heal and bring the body back into balance. But your products are more than just the right combination of herbs to clean and care for the skin, your products are aromatherapy. The fragrances are so uplifting. The scents truly heal on an emotional and mental level.

R. R. – Idaho Springs, CO