You have natural beauty. Be organically beautiful.

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care is not just our name; it is who we are and what we do!

Buy your skin care products directly from the USDA certified organic grower!

Don’t put up with disappointing results from your organic skin care products. See the difference fresh grown, hand harvested ingredients can make in the appearance of your skin.

I just tried your products for the first time, and my skin improved overnight-simply amazing. It is truly a dream-come-true, as I have suffered with problematic skin most of my life.. Thank you. Blessings.
organic tomatoes

Organic tomatoes from Lily’s garden.

Have you ever tasted a fresh tomato from the garden? It tastes so much better than a store bought one. That’s because the gentle care, and toxin/pesticide free environment in which it grows makes it become a beautiful healthy thing. The same goes for each ingredient in Lily Farm Fresh Organic Skin Care. It makes a difference.

At Lily Farm Fresh, we aren’t just about creating the best skin care products on the market; we are about creating a style of life that is organic and sustainable for both Earth and its people.

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care products are skin care solutions for healthy skin. We actually grow 70% of the essential herbs for our products locally in Colorado, from seed to harvest. We hand-process the ingredients into each batch of skin care and ensure that each bottle is made from the most quality plants and herbs possible. It’s as raw and natural as it can get. to keep your skin healthy, clean and nourished so that you can be confident.

Our goal, by using natural ingredients and an organic lab, is to create the best organic care product on the market. And we believe we’ve done so.

lily gardening

Lily farming on her organic farm.

Why choose organic?

Organic skincare products soothe the skin and help maintain a sustainable health planet. We all know fresh fruits and vegetables nurture a healthy body. But the same rules apply to our skin care. Essential plants and oils nurture and feed your skin what it needs to be healthy.

Organic Skin care fresher than your produce?

Releasing such a fresh batch is unheard of, even in the organic skin care world. Companies traditionally use preservatives, usually chemical, to keep their products fresh. Lily Farm Fresh, however, uses no synthetic dyes or chemicals in their products.