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I do love the Nourishing Moisture Cream.  I love the fragrance and enjoy smoothing it on every morning.  I am 76 years old with good skin genes but my younger sister wanted to know what I use to keep my skin looking to silky.  It feels good too!  I ordered 3 bottles this time, one is for her.  Hopefully she will be a new customer.


I just had to write to say how happy I am that your products exist. I have tried what feels like EVERYTHING for my sensitive acne prone skin and even resorted to gross chemically garbage in an effort to get the skin I want and I just am SO RELIEVED to have found what works. Keep doing what you’re doing because it is AMAZING! The seaweed cleanser and calming cream are the best. I have been basically shouting at everyone I know to try them. No lie, I carry them around with me just to show people. If I had the money I would buy one of everything and throw out everything else in my bathroom. Thank you so much!


I saw a very nice mature lady at the Whole Foods in Belmar a few years ago, back before the Whole Foods was in Frisco. She was very friendly, had fabulous skin that women years younger would envy. She raved about your products and you. I didn’t get a chance to buy any at that time but I knew I would eventually. I eat quite healthy and exercise frequently but have not taken time to take good care of my skin. I am recently retired and am starting to pay the price of neglect. I hope to start a skin care regimen that will help and insist on organic, pure and natural.

Loved your web site and watched all the videos. I also love your standards and philosophy.


Lily is the only thing I use on my face. =)


Love your products! And really love homemade options!


Just wanted to give you a shout and say that I cannot say how much I love your products. I bought the hydrating moisture mist and the seven oil treatment at Natural Grocers in Pueblo today and I AM IN LOVE already. It is exceedingly hard anymore to find natural products that are both highly effective and budget friendly, and you hit it outta the park! Keep it up!!

Janine A new loyal customer 🙂 Beulah, CO

I have been a dedicated Lilly user for close to a decade now. I attribute Lilly Moisture Mist to keeping my skin soft and supple and young-looking. I do not like to wear face makeup so most are amazed when I tell them my age.

In August of 2012 I had an accident and broke my nose; I had cuts and bruises to my face and leg. I specifically used Lilly Moisture Mist to my face only and the doctors were amazed at the speed of healing. Within a short period of time my face had healed with no scars; meanwhile, my leg and knee, which I did not apply Lilly Moisture Mist to did not heal as fast and I still have scars.

Now, not only do I religiously use Lilly Moisture Mist on my face but I also use it for cuts, scrapes and minor skin irritations.

Lilly Moisture Mist is a miracle-worker!

Regards, Deborah Bender

Thanks again for introducing me to your fabulous products! It was so great to meet you last year at the Natural Grocers in Glenwood Springs. I just had a baby boy 3 weeks ago, and would love to come to the farm for you to meet him:) shoot me an email and I will share pictures!

Hugs, Jes

So sorry not to respond sooner. Appreciate your help. Package received, beginning to uses the products. Delighted to say that they seem to be working well and my skin is tolerating everything—no allergic reactions! Plan to use the sample mask this weekend. Really like the clean, spicy fragrances and silky smooth feel. Will wait to write a review until I’ve had a chance to try everything.
Thanks to Lily for the commitment to great healthy skincare.


Hello, I just tried your products and love them!

Just to let you know, I was serious that your turn around time was quick!!! I was delighted to get my products fresh from you! I always purchased the unscented products from Vitamin Cottage/Natural Grocers in Grand Junction and sometimes I would end up with some that had been on the shelf for a while….I love that it is FRESH and that I am getting it direct from you, now that I am in Salida. I love buying local, organic, Colorado and really appreciate all that you do. I read your book, that sits next to my bed….several times a week. Being chemically sensitive for the past 20 years, I truly love your products! Would not switch for the world!

Suffice to say that your product has worked really really well.

Ms. Zuny G

The products are lovely!  I am not sure which is my favorite. I discovered your product line at our Natural Grocers and have brought them as gifts on my recent travel to London. I am already a fan!!

I am a dedicated user of your unscented products, and as you can see, I just received an order from you. I am still thrilled with the contents of the bottles, and ever so thankful to have your products! I’ve been a customer for a long time. (Couldn’t manage without your conditioning serum!)

I’ve spent alot of money trying to find a great Body Moisturizer with no luck. However since trying your products I will NEVER go any where else for my beauty products. Your products are simply divine!! I LOVE, LOVE them!

I tried your product for the first time this past summer. I purchased the trial gift pack. I loved it all – the facial lotion and enzyme mask were my favorites. I’ve suffered from adult acne since my early twenties. I’ve tried everything prescribed and over-the-counter. The only thing I found that worked for me was the Proactiv cleansing system. However it is extremely harsh on my skin, making my face look tired and old…but breakout free. I have weaned myself off of the harsh stuff and replaced it with Lily Organics. No breakouts so far and my skin feels great. Thanks.

“I just tried your products for the first time, and my skin improved overnight-simply amazing.  It is truly a dream-come-true, as I have suffered with problematic skin most of my life..” Thank you. 

Blessings. Lisa

I have always avoided products containing any type of soy because I seem to react to it in any cleansing or moisturizing product. However, I am on my second trial size of the sensitive skin moisturizer – and have had absolutely NO reaction. In fact, it makes my face feel wonderful. I’m baffled, but super pleased! I will be ordering a full size soon.

LOVE the fresh scents & my skin feels great! I enjoy reading all the great info & recipes on the website. I posted a lily story on my FB page over a week ago…saying I highly recommend your products! I’m taking my samples to my sisters back East when I go for Thanksgiving… so they can experience the ‘REAL’ Lily. Have a wonderful holiday.

Take care, Angela

Love your products and yes they do make a difference day one!

I absolutely love the results of my skin after using your dry/mature trial pack for 2 wks. I have tried many ‘green’ facial products over last several years. Lily Organics are without a doubt, the best products I have ever used! Thank you,


Just wanted to let you know at Lily Organics that after receiving my trial order – and having tried the mask, toner and oil for sensitive skin, I am very excited and pleased with the products.  I have ultra sensitive skin – and most things I have tried have created some kind of itch or redness as a reaction – even products that assure you that they are for sensitive skin. Your products feel wonderful on my skin! I will be ordering some full size products very soon.  Thank you so much!


I had run out of the moisturizer and was using up another product. When I remembered I had some Lily oil in the fridge, I got it out and as I started to put it on my skin I had a sensation that my skin was HAPPY! It felt excited to get some wonderful Lily back on it!


Tried the Sensitive Skin sample set.  It sells itself!  Cleanser works beautifully and is non-drying.  The cream is so soothing and absorbed easily.  Great at minimizing those tiny lines.  Appreciate an organic product that works so well and a delight to use. Thanks!

Susan, Massachusetts

I was at Natural Grocers a few weeks ago and was in skin aisle– asked the clerk if she knew of any moisturizer for my sensitive skin. I gave her my entire story of trying every line of products from cheap to super expensive and everything breaking my face out. She handed me a small bottle of kukui oil and said try this. Well for less than $4.00 i thought why not. When i got home i got a little nervous as even oils in past have broken me out and i just didn’t want my face full of pimples again. Here i am weeks later…my skin looks and feels amazing. As a registered nurse and wound/skin care specialist i could just cry i am so happy. I have now started recommending to everyone i know….thank you….


I am advertising you on my organics page. I love your business!

I was at M.E.E.T Ministries in Huntingdon Tennessee, and in their bookstore there were samples of your skin care product. The moisturizer is the best I have experienced so far. It melted right into my dry skin and was not greasy.

Found out about you at Vitamin Cottage on Colo Blvd in Denver. I bought a trial size moisturizing cream and it cleared up the dry patches at my temples and eye brows–I have tried SO many creams–this is wonderful!

Chris, Englewood CO

Kukui sensitive skin oil is the only product that has improved my sensitive facial skin. i spray on a toner and then put 3 drops of oil onto facial skin. it really is a wonderful product.


The person I heard about your products from is indeed my brother. He loves every single product you have and I have to admit I have come to love it as well! I had very bad skin problems before I tried the soap, toner, and moisturizer that my brother owns but two days after my use, my skin was completely renewed and clear. I absolutely love your products! Thank you so much!


I have been using your products for a long time and recently decided (with the help of one of your staff) to use the Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Cream to product against radiation burns while going through treatment for breast cancer. So far my skin is faring extremely well and my therapists are impressed with the lack of redness, irritation, and blisters. I have completed 20 treatments and have 10 to go. I have always been a fan but as soon as I am finished with the treatments with little skin problems I’m going start recommending Lily to other patients. Thank you!!!!! 


Hi, Lily. It’s Doris again. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your product. I think I’ve truly found something that finally works and I know it’s not chemicals. I saw a difference after one day and I’ve continued to use it. None of the products irritated my skin in any way. Even after I put on the moisturizer my skin would tend to get itchy, so I never put any on, but this didn’t do that. I feel pretty again. I see an improvement in my face every day and I make sure that I clean my face every day, because I got used to doing nothing to and I saw it get worse, because my skin would get irritated and I would just use water to wash it.

Hi Lily, I just wanted to thank you for making your products – never stop!!!!! They are truly the best I have ever used (and I have used A LOT)- I am already seeing a huge difference in the appearance of my skin and feel great when I use your products! Your recommendations were wonderful! Looking forward to trying out the mask next!

Sincerely, Britany

Hi, Lily. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your product. I think I’ve truly found something that finally works and I know it’s not chemicals. I saw a difference after one day and I’ve continued to use it. None of the products irritated my skin in any way. Even after I put on the moisturizer my skin would tend to get itchy, so I never put any on, but this didn’t do that. I feel pretty again. I see an improvement in my face every day and I make sure that I clean my face every day, because I got used to doing nothing to and I saw it get worse, because my skin would get irritated and I would just use water to wash it.

I have been using these products for two weeks now and the results are amazing, my skin looks beautiful and my skin tone more even.

Thanks so much for the email.  I hope to indulge myself in your homespa this Friday.  I can’t wait.  I love your products!  Its so nice not to have irrated skin.  The seven oils is awesome.  I completely love how it makes the skin around my eyes feel quenched. 

Take Care, Jamie

I never expected that you would respond to a customer’s email personally. Thank you Lily. I love your products, all natural and naked. In fact when I first tried your products a couple years ago and called in to order one Saturday morning, it was you I talked to one time. I am glad you are going to launch a new website for it is also one reason that I would rather like to order over the phone to avoid using online ordering. I definitely will give you my comments on your new website.


I just wanted to say that I’ve been using your dry skin formula face cream for years, and could never possibly use anything else. there just isn’t anything like it anywhere. No other product lasts as long and makes my skin feel the way yours does. Thank you for continuing to make your creams, I don’t know how I could live without them! If I ever had to evacuate because of some disaster your cream would be one of the first things I would stockpile. Thanks again and Happy New Year!

Emma Bush

“I’ve been using Lily Organics products since 2000. I wash my face every day with the seaweed cleanser. I love Lily Organics products and so glad you make them organic and proud to support a local company.

My favorite is the organic lavender moisturizing cream – especially great in the dry autumn & winter