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Essential oils in your beauty bath

I have always enjoyed the art of bathing.  I like to feel my body immersed in water.  Water is such a wonderful element.  Aromatic baths can influence us inmany ways through the fragrance, thus pleasing our spirit, improving us psychologically as well physiologically.  Bathing cannot only drench our skin in wonderful essences and soothe the [...]

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Comfrey for Organic Skin Care

The healing properties in comfrey are important for organic skin care products. Comfrey is a natural ingredient for organic skin care due to its healing properties. Allantoin, a natural chemical compound, helps heal tissue and bone. Allantoin is a cell proliferate, meaning it increases and supports cell reproduction. It is easily absorbed through [...]

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The Role of Herbs in Natural Skin Care

Plants -- in our daily lives we often take the fundamental role of plants almost completely for granted. Plants and plant products interact directly with our bodies, influencing the whole system with their powers and chemical components. Versatility of Herbs Herbs and herbal products interact with our bodies, affecting the whole system with their active, [...]

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Winner, Winner! Balancing Moisture Cream

Our Balancing Moisture Cream is recognized by Yoga Journal in their 2016 Natural Beauty Awards! This product is formulated for normal to dry, sun damaged or stressed-out skin. The organic lavender in the cream relaxes and soothes the skin. Our Balancing Moisture Cream heals, balances, nourishes and moisturizes skin.  Helps diminish dryness that causes wrinkles. [...]

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Herbs of the Harvest – Kitchen Cosmetics!

We'd like to highlight some of the many herbs of the harvest Lily grows on her USDA Certified Organic Farm. These descriptions are taken from Lily's book, Beauty, Health, and Happiness ~ A Way of Life. Calendula Also known as marigold, this flower's use dates back thousands of years for treatment of scorpion bites in ancient [...]

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All the Reasons You Will Love Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care

Here Is Why You Will Love Our Skin Care Products 1. Amazing Results. Our fresh grown ingredients are composed of natural, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial agents found from Mother Nature. Our whole-plant compounds contain cell proliferate components that actually re-knit and rejuvenate the skin. We believe Mother Nature has the best cure for Father Time. See [...]

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Ingredients are Everything for Organic Skin Care

The best organic skin care uses natural ingredients. Ingredients are Everything One truism in the skin care field is this: A product cannot perform better than its ingredients, ingredients are everything!  When taking care of our skin, we ought to be aware of what, exactly, we're applying to our largest organ. Questions to [...]

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Meet Lily and Learn More About Organic Skin Care

Know your farmer, know your skin care. We will reveal how to buy the best quality organic products for your skin. End your confusion on how to determine the best organic skin care. Come meet Lily the pioneer of organic skin care in Colorado. A 7th generation American grower and the only skin care company [...]

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