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The Scent of Roses For Rosy Dreams

Smelling roses may give you pleasant dreams. On the other hand, smell something stinky, and your dreams might be closer to nightmares. In a small study in Germany, researchers gave 15 women a whiff of roses or of rotten eggs or a nonscented whiff after they enter REM sleep, the stage at which dreams occur. [...]

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Honey, Nature’s Humectant

The term "honeymoon" is said to come from an old European custom in which a newly married couple drank honey wine daily for 30 days following their wedding. It is mentioned in the Bible, revered by the Romans, and has been a prized item since before recorded history. Honey is the first and one of [...]

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WONDERFUL CLEANSER: recipe from Lily of Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care

I think the best cleansers are made from almond oil soap, vegetable glycerin, and essential oils of lavender, rosemary, sage, and lemon juice. A good cleanser should go on easily and be a pleasure to wash with. They work best if followed by a fine scented, refreshing toner or astringent. A make-it-yourself cleanser: Baking soda [...]

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Varied purpose for natural baths

Baths have been used to cleanse the body, relax the mind, remove evil spirits, improve attitudes, create awareness, celebrate life, attract love, relax, produce invigoration, and aid in meditation.  The infirm in hospitals and nursing homes are placed in protective seats and lowered by pulleys into warm, jetted tubs.  Taking a bath can be very [...]

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How Green can a Company Get?

How Green can a Company Get? A small Colorado company that has been making farm fresh organic skin care products since 1986-before it was fashionable-is striving to be the greenest company in America. -- How green? Certified organic grower green! A 7th generation American farmer, Lily grows her own herbs, which comprise most of the [...]

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Upcoming Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Demos

Stop by one of Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care demo events to receive a Free Mist or Toner with any Full Size purchase! Whole Foods Belmar, Friday June 28th , 12-3pm Whole Foods Tamarac, Friday June 28th , 4-7pm Vitamin Cottage Aurora, Saturday June 29th , 10am-12pm Vitamin Cottage Evergreen, Saturday July 20th 12:30-2:30pm Whole [...]

Herbal skin cleansing

Herbs have a long reputation for cleansing the system.  The yellow dock, red clover, and burdock root have been used as blood cleansers. Often recommended for acne, they aid in the removal of toxins from the liver and kidneys.  Dandelion and milk thistles are the traditional liver stimulators.  Dandelion is said to stimulate the elimination [...]

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Internal cleansing and detoxifying

Many Americans seem to spend more time and money on their cars than their bodies.  My mother suspects it’s because cars come with manuals and our bodies don’t. Your car and your body do work a lot alike.  They both are combustible engines, taking in fuel to produce energy.  Each has a system of waste [...]

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Nourishing Facial Cleanser Review

Lily Organics Skin Care Company was started by a young woman named Lily. After not receiving an invitation to the prom which she attributed to her bad skin problems (from which she could find no treatment that worked) Lily decided to turn to her family's seven generations of American farming to find her own skin [...]

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