Never be Disappointed with Organic Skin Care

Do you long for a skin care brand that you can trust to give you amazing results? Have you been consistently disappointed by less than stellar results from your organic skin care brands?  Would you like to support an organic skin care company that is truly organic and sustainable? Would you like to buy your skin care directly from a USDA-certified organic grower?  If you answered yes to any of these questions you’re in the right place.

I spent most of my youth trying to find the product that would clear up my cyst acne and before I found the right answers, fine lines and wrinkles had set in!  I was truly depressed. My skin looked horrible, my self-esteem suffered. There were times I didn’t want to even go outside and I would never consider leaving my house without complete make-up, especially foundation.

I have spent the last 30 years trying to deal effectively with wrinkles and lines and have consistently found that plants provide all the answers to our skin problems. Essential plant-based essential oils are an elixir to dry chapped skin and essential oils are the Earth’s naturally perfect scents.

How do you choose from the thousands of skin care brands available? Here are 5 ways to determine quality organic skin care products.

How to Choose Organic Skin Care

1.) Does the company make all of its own products in-house, under their own roof and with all quality control measures in place?  This is one of the most important questions to ask and few people do. If they do not make their own products, what do they do?  What business are they in?  Most companies just have a private label company make their products for them. This is why so often you will find that all products have the same texture and feel and yield the same results.

2.) Do they make all of their own products FRESH?  Freshness counts.  Freshness is important.  Whether a product looks like it or not, it is aging, just like everything else on this planet and anything that ages is not fresh.

3.) What third-party transparency do they have in place? Has their lab been inspected by the FDA? Is their lab USDA-certified organic?

4.) Does their packaging say: “No synthetic chemicals-ever”?  The label is the domain of the FDA and everything on that bottle must be 100% accurate and truthful.  Read labels carefully and look for truth-in-packaging.

5.) Does the company offer a 100% money back guarantee?  Are they so confident you will love their products that they put their money where their mouth is?

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care is made to give the results you need to have radiant skin!  I want to encourage you to be open to using organic skin care and you will never be disappointed, again, not with Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for my fresh skin care tips.