Preparation and Uses of Herbs

There are many ways to prepare medicinal herbs for consumption. Fresh herbs are best, but dried are good, too. Infusion or tea, decoction, tincture, powders, compresses, poultices, capsules, and ointments are various ways to take herbs. Teas or infusions: This is the easiest and one of the most common methods of consuming an herbal remedy. [...]

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The Role of Herbs in Skin Care

The Role of Herbs in Skin Care In our daily lives we often take the fundamental role of plants almost completely for granted. Plants and plant products interact directly with our bodies, influencing the whole system with their powers and chemical components. Unappreciated connections As a society, we can be so removed from the natural [...]

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The first preservatives were cold temperatures, drying, and salt; the first cosmetic preservative was soap. Preservatives are deadly by definition because they attempt to change and modify the life cycle, which we all know ends in decay and death. Preservatives can be dangerous, too, because they are a part of the synthetic belief system that [...]

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Labels, Claims, and Confusion—Now Clarity

  “Cruelty-free” We have to ask ourselves: Is animal testing a valid test for humans? There is a ton of information on the concept of cruelty-free and organizations to work with, so I am not going to say any more about it here. You can make sure the personal care products you buy are cruelty-free [...]

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The Skin

  As I and many of you know firsthand, our skin can profoundly affect our sense of well-being, who we are, and our confidence. Have you ever considered how important your skin is? Let’s give the subject some thought. A vital organ Your skin, your body’s largest organ, is what separates your internal organs from [...]

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Ingredients Are Everything

One truism in the skin care field is this: A product cannot perform better than its ingredients. I’d like to repeat it: A product cannot perform better than its ingredients. If you get nothing else from this book, I’d like you to get this. Checking ingredients There are questions to ask yourself as you try [...]

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The Lily Theory

The Lily Theory and its application is this: Whatever you are using internally to treat your external skin problems, also use externally. So if you are taking brewer’s yeast for acne or eczema, try using it externally by making a paste and applying it. If you’re taking lecithin for psoriasis, also apply it externally on [...]

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