Our very first product and Prevention Natural Beauty Awards Winner!

Our very first product! Oil Free Skin Conditioning Serum is an oil-free, highly concentrated mixture of 19 herbs. The magical blend of healing and nourishing herbs replenish the skin with essential nutrients while stimulating cell proliferation and promoting improved skin. Our herbal moisturizer serum is a aqua herbal blend which includes bladderwrack, seaware and laminaria. [...]

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First skin care company in the world to open farm and event center to the public!

                                                                                                         FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (7/6/17) Lily Morgan Lily Farm Fresh Event Center 303-455-4194 303-668-1128 [email protected]   Lily Farm Fresh Event Center 1833 Weld County Road 53 Keenesburg, Colorado 80643   Keenesburg, Colorado:  Lily Farm Fresh Event Center will be an 80 acre USDA certified organic farm experience open to the public, as [...]

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Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care recognized by Spirituality & Health Magazine

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care recognized by Spirituality & Health Magazine FARM-TO-SKIN The Rise of Beauty Farms MORE SMALL FARMS AND GARDENS GROW ORGANIC FOODS TO SLATHER ON BY SHELLEY LOTZ The farm-to-table foodie movement helped to reawaken our taste for fresh, ripe, locally sourced foods right from the garden, and now the farm-to-skin beauty [...]

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Blogger Award

Blogger Award- the team at SleepHealthEnergy.com featured us in a recent article named: Our Favourite Skin Care Bloggers to Follow in 2017

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Toners and Astringents

Common misunderstandings Astringent is a name given to products for their contracting effect upon tissues. This is why astringents are valuable for closing pores. Astringent does not mean drying; it does not mean containing alcohol; it does not mean for oily skin, even though that is what the marketers have drilled into our heads. Astringents [...]

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Ancient healing art Acupuncture has been a healing method for over 2000 years and is based on the Taoist philosophy of natural balance, harmony, growth, and change. It recognizes that the body has the capacity to heal itself. According to the book by Peter Firebrace and Sandra Hill, Acupuncture: How It Works, How It Cures: [...]

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The search for sanity

How do we find the path to sanity? I feel there are several areas we must each explore to find sanity and happiness: Control There seems to be a direct correlation between how much control we have over our own lives and how happy we are. People in authoritarian countries seem to be much less [...]

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Our wonderful Rejuvenating Enzyme Mask!

Rejuvenating Enzyme Mask Helps to diminish fine lines and skin discoloration.  Heals skin over-exposed to the sun.  Exfoliates dead skin and stimulates new cell growth. Product Description Our wonderful mask was created to remove the build up of dead skin cells, stimulate new cell growth, balance combination skin and regenerate damaged skin. Honey is used [...]

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