Remedies for blackheads and pimples

Remedies for blackheads and pimples Steam your face with peppermint, sage, and fennel seeds in two quarts of water and a total of half a cup of herbs for eight minutes. When all the pores are open, go very quickly to a mirror and with very clean hands, gently dislodge the blackhead. You may need [...]

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Juicing Diet Tips

Juice Diet You could choose to start on a juice and vegetable diet on Friday. Have a friend or family member accompany you. Rest. Keep your juices and water nearby. Saturday morning, take an enema. Rest. Treat yourself to our Homespa. If you’re lucky like me, you have a beautiful recreation center with both a [...]

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What the Lily Method can do to improve your life

Help you let go of the negative thoughts you have about yourself because of your present bad habits Help you look and feel better because of the new positive habits you are incorporating Make your life more interesting by trying many new things Create self-confidence because you are taking control of your life Create self-discipline, [...]

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Benefits of sleep

Sleep is absolutely necessary for you to feel rejuvenated. It is necessary for maintaining emotional balance, good health, and to look good. You must have sleep for harmony in your body. Physical exercise, essentially physical exhaustion, is a good remedy for sleeplessness. Walk, ride a bicycle, run, work out. It’s important to tire yourself out [...]

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Enzyme Mask Does Double Duty!

The Lily Farm Fresh Rejuvenating Enzyme Mask was recently recognized as a top 20 Colorado product by edible Aspen Magazine. This mask helps to diminish fine lines and skin discoloration. It heals skin over-exposed to the sun, and exfoliates dead skin and stimulates new cell growth. To regenerate skin, it can be used everyday. Apply [...]

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The Scent of Roses For Rosy Dreams

Smelling roses may give you pleasant dreams. On the other hand, smell something stinky, and your dreams might be closer to nightmares. In a small study in Germany, researchers gave 15 women a whiff of roses or of rotten eggs or a nonscented whiff after they enter REM sleep, the stage at which dreams occur. [...]

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Honey, Nature’s Humectant

The term "honeymoon" is said to come from an old European custom in which a newly married couple drank honey wine daily for 30 days following their wedding. It is mentioned in the Bible, revered by the Romans, and has been a prized item since before recorded history. Honey is the first and one of [...]

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Agriculture is rejuvenating for your skin and the planet!

Going organic is not just the latest trend, it is important to our entire well being and planet. The first thing we can do is refuse to buy products that contain synthetic chemicals! Agriculture in itself is rejuvenating! It regrows every year. It is revitalizing to the earth and our skin. How beneficial are these [...]

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