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Why Natural Organic Skin Care is So Good For You

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Organic Kukui Sensitive Treatment is a luxurious natural organic skin care product. There are many reasons you might want to consider buying natural and organic products; particularly when it comes to choosing natural organic skin care. The Organic Center recently posted an article and cited farming as the number [...]

8 reasons to buy Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Product!

1.) Results, you demand from your organic skin care product.  Our fresh grown ingredients are composed of  natural chemical constituents that found in Mother Nature that are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and contain cell proliferate componets, that actually re-knit and rejuvenate the skin.  We believe Mother Nature has the best cure for Father Time.  See our testimonials. [...]

Interview with Lily

Q: Why is organic skin care so important? Lily: Mainly because of synthetic chemicals!  Many synthetic chemicals have been found to be toxic and a cancer correlation and are found in lots of skin care products. Organically grown agricultural products and plants are the best ingredients for your skin.  For example, comfrey is the best anti-aging ingredient [...]

Organic skin care interviews with Lily

Q: Lily, we left off with you stating that you finally after many years came up with a product that you called, "reproducible?" A: Yes, I was probably about 24 years old, I called it our herbal moisturizer. By that time, I was seeing not only still some acne, but fine lines, too! I couldn't [...]

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