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Comfrey and Healing the Skin

Comfrey and Healing the Skin Comfrey’s botanical name comes from the Greek word that means “to unite.” Comfrey, native to Europe and Asia, is also known as knitbone, bruisewort and knitback, all names referring to its use as a wound-healing herb. It has a long history of use for fractures, bruises and burns. Nicholas Culpeper, [...]

Skin care expert shares secrets to making your skin care products!

Skin care expert shares secrets to making your skin care products Are you tired of synthetic chemicals in all your expensive body care products? Lily, founder of Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care, and organic grower shares secrets to making your skin care products,  suggests you save your money and provides recipes in her book, Beauty, [...]

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DIY Organic Skin Cleanser

Sweet almond oil is the perfect natural skin care ingredient in an organic skin cleanser. Physical beauty begins with a well-cleansed face. We must clean up all the dead skin debris and aid in the process of new cellular growth. The simple purpose of a cleanser is to remove dirt, oil and grime from your [...]

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Discover a New Way of Life

A new lifestyle Embarking on a new way of life is exciting.  There is much to try, to experience and to learn about from chiropractic, massage, colonic hydrotherapy, psychological therapy—so many treatments, theories, ways of life to delve into and try out—Zen centers, yoga, meditation. Rejuvenating yourself through an improved way of life is delving [...]

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How Feverfew Helps Skin

How Feverfew Helps Skin Feverfew can help your skin in so many ways. It's one of our favorite ingredients to use, too. There are many different varieties and species of feverfew. A member of the daisy family, the name comes from the Latin febrifugia, or “driver out of fevers.” As its name suggests, it is [...]

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Never be Disappointed with Organic Skin Care

Never be Disappointed with Organic Skin Care Do you long for a skin care brand that you can trust to give you amazing results? Have you been consistently disappointed by less than stellar results from your organic skin care brands?  Would you like to support an organic skin care company that is truly organic and [...]

Why Natural Organic Skin Care is So Good For You

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Organic Kukui Sensitive Treatment is a luxurious natural organic skin care product. There are many reasons you might want to consider buying natural and organic products; particularly when it comes to choosing natural organic skin care. The Organic Center recently posted an article and cited farming as the number [...]

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