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Organic lavender is appropriate for all skin types. Spas can get expensive, yet natural organic skin care is best. Beauty begins with a well-cleansed face and continues with do-it-yourself steams and masks. Cleansing the face of dead skin promotes new cellular growth. A classic, make-at-home cleanser starts with baking soda as its main [...]

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Organic Skin Care and Produce: Why it Matters

Organic produce has been proven better for your diet. Scientists have been debating for years about whether organic is truly better and worth the extra money. Those of us who have gone organic can definitely tell the difference. In fact, organic foods and botanicals have been proven to be less contaminated with agricultural [...]

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Natural Skin Care: A Rose By Any Other Name…

The scent of rose creates sweet dreams - and works in natural skin care products. Known for its iconic beauty and romantic implications, roses have long caught the attention of poets and suitors alike. Its attraction is due in part to its instantly recognizable scent. There is no confusing the essence of a [...]

Balancing Facial Toner made by Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care

Tell us what is your favorite Lily Farm Fresh product? One of mine is the Balancing Facial Toner, I love it!! Lily Receive a FREE Balancing Facial Toner with your next full size purchase when comment below what your favorite Lily Farm Fresh product is!  Enter promo code FBTONER when placing order.

One of the best organic anti-wrinkle treatments!

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care's USDA certified organic Kukui anti-wrinkle facial oil is the perfect fix for fine  lines. I use it everyday, all day, under make up, over make up. You can apply it 5 times a day to keep your skin consistently moist and dewy.   It gives normal skin a glowing radiance. [...]

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