Natural cures for puffy eyes!

Water retention not only makes you feel uncomfortable, it can also make you look less attractive. At its worst, water retention can cause an overall bloated appearance including facial puffiness and bags under the eyes. However, there are several simple, natural cures for puffy eyes so you look and feel better. To improve facial puffiness [...]

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Nourishing Facial Cleanser Review

Lily Organics Skin Care Company was started by a young woman named Lily. After not receiving an invitation to the prom which she attributed to her bad skin problems (from which she could find no treatment that worked) Lily decided to turn to her family's seven generations of American farming to find her own skin [...]

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Review: Lily Organics Seaweed Balancing Facial Cleanser

Organic skin care is still a bit of a rarity these days. Many lines incorporate a few organic ingredients, but few are as serious about organic as Lily Organics. This skin care company is a certified USDA organic grower based in Colorado. I was excited to have the opportunity to test out their Seaweed Balancing [...]


Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care and Lily Organics Farm, announces its popular Nourishing Facial Cleanser has been named one of the “Top Natural Beauty and Bath Products of 2013” by Delicious Magazine.  The publication, dedicated to healthy, natural living, selected 40 top natural beauty products from hundreds of submissions.  The criteria for winners included product [...]

Facial skin care review on the Seaweed Balancing Facial Cleanser & Moisture Mist

This year I am trying to be a bit healthier and use more products that are better for me, so when I saw Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care – I wanted to learn more about their company.  Lily Farm’s grow all of their own ingredients for their skin care products.  They make all of their [...]

Why I love our Organic Seaweed cleanser so much!

Why do I love our organic seaweed cleanser so much? I love the way it feels! It is so emollient, honestly, I have never used a cleanser that feels so good going on. Thick and rich, it is just luxurious to the touch, both on my hands and on my face. I love the way [...]

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