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Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care 30-Day Challenge

Natural skin care products that use lavender are great for calming skin. Lily Farm Fresh 30-Day Challenge is just that -- a challenge for you to try our natural skin care products and tell us what you think. The lovely Fallon accepted out challenge. She decided to give our Balancing line a try, [...]

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Customer Testimonial

I was introduced to Lily Organics by a nutritional supplement distributor and now am very pleased to be able to obtain fresh organic skin care products directly from the source. Using Lily's products has enhanced the quality of my skin and, I am sure, reduced the chemical load to which I have been exposed.  I [...]

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Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Products Review by Dragonfly Sweetnest

I don't know if you realize it, but the last few months I have come across a lot of natural beauty products. I am just in awe at how well some of the products work. I have tried makeup, hair products, lotions, facials products and more. I have just been truly amazed at the quality [...]

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Organic Lavender Moisturizing Cream Is Coveted by the Gorgeous Women of Whom You Know!

Lavender soothes.  Ask anyone just back from a vacation in the South of France.  Fall under the spell of its color, its scent, and the aromatherapy it provides.  In this tiny bottle from Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care (2 oz) is a world of lavender, blended with luscious flowers, vegan oils and butters.  If you [...]

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Facial skin care review on the Seaweed Balancing Facial Cleanser & Moisture Mist

This year I am trying to be a bit healthier and use more products that are better for me, so when I saw Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care – I wanted to learn more about their company.  Lily Farm’s grow all of their own ingredients for their skin care products.  They make all of their [...]

Customer Testimonial on the Balancing Facial Lotion

Hi, I love your Balancing Facial Lotion. It's the only one that doesn't give me an allergy induced headache and works better than the rest. I was shocked to read that you grow your own ingredients. THAT'S IMPRESSSIVE!