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One of the best organic anti-wrinkle treatments!

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care's USDA certified organic Kukui anti-wrinkle facial oil is the perfect fix for fine  lines. I use it everyday, all day, under make up, over make up. You can apply it 5 times a day to keep your skin consistently moist and dewy.   It gives normal skin a glowing radiance. [...]

Make your own Facial Salt Scrub

The salt scrub can be used for all skin types.  Instead of an enzyme or acidic action to remove dead cells, the salt scrub uses a mechanical action.  The salt scrub is the easiest and best way to have a scrub available at all times. All you have to do is simply add salt to [...]

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Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care in Denver Pieces Magazine

Lily Morgan, founder and formulator of Lily Organics, is a farmer’s daughter. Her dad was a farmer’s son, and his father was a farmer’s son back at least six generations to pre-American Revolution days. Lily’s own reverence for the land and all it produces came from her father and growing up on the farm. She [...]

Interview with Lily

Q: Why is organic skin care so important? Lily: Mainly because of synthetic chemicals!  Many synthetic chemicals have been found to be toxic and a cancer correlation and are found in lots of skin care products. Organically grown agricultural products and plants are the best ingredients for your skin.  For example, comfrey is the best anti-aging ingredient [...]

Introducing Lily Organics Affiliate Program

Lily Organics is excited to announce their affiliate program. We'd like to invite bloggers, website owners and online marketers to participate and benefit from our 100% USDA Organic Skin Care Products. You will make 10% of each sale you send to through your unique affiliate url. Please sign up here and our Affiliate Management [...]

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Organic Oils for the Face Lily explains the organic oils for the face in her USDA certified organic product line. Such as the KUKUI SENSITIVE FACIAL OIL TREATMENT and her SEVEN FACIAL REJUVENATING OI