Life on the farm

Planting Time on the Organic Farm

When you run an organic farm, you're at the mercy of the weather. I had planned on planting last weekend -- then the snow hit! Finally, it's warm enough for me to put plants in the earth. We need the organic ingredients for our natural skin care products. I make sure the seedlings are [...]

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The Blossoms are Here!

Who's got blossoms on their farm? I do! Look at these beautiful cherry blossoms: Cherry blossoms on Lily's farm. Seriously, I always love life on the farm. But when it's blossom time, I feel truly blessed. We don't just have cherry blossoms. Look at this perfect apple blossom from one of my trees: [...]

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First Day of Spring and Natural Skin Care

With the first day of spring, we have to start thinking about the changing weather. Here at the farm, we're getting ready for our seedlings. As you know, spring is a key time for preparing for the growing season. Spring is also the time to start thinking about your natural skin care regiment. With the [...]

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Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care first to receive all 3 USDA organic certifications

Brighton, Colorado-Lily Organics Farm and Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care is the first and only skin care in the world to receive all 3 of these USDA certified organic certifications. "We are the only skin care company on Planet Earth that goes to all this work to create our top skin care products." While most [...]

Lily Organics mini farm festival brings out folks from Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottages

We held a mini farm festival for the buyers in Colorado and Wyoming at our headquarters in Brighton, CO. It was like a harvest festival. Vitamin Cottage and Whole foods buyers came from as far as Cheyenne, Wyo and Evergreen, CO. We had a great time. There were 16 in total. In addition, two came [...]

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USDA certified organic certificates and distinctions in organic skin care

Everybody seems to want to understand all the distinctions and myriads of differences in all the different kinds of USDA organic certifications.  Let me see if I can spread some light. It occurs to me, since we are the only skin care company on Planet Earth that is a USDA certified organic grower, and that we [...]

USDA certified organic skin care products-A day with the inspector

Wow, yesterday was intense, as the USDA inspector came out and inspected our USDA certified organic farm, where we grow our ingredients for our skin care, our USDA certified organic laboratory, where we make the freshest and best organic skin care, and inspected and audited every ingredient we use in our USDA certified organic products!  [...]

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