Winner, Winner! Balancing Moisture Cream

Our Balancing Moisture Cream is recognized by Yoga Journal in their 2016 Natural Beauty Awards! This product is formulated for normal to dry, sun damaged or stressed-out skin. The organic lavender in the cream relaxes and soothes the skin. Our Balancing Moisture Cream heals, balances, nourishes and moisturizes skin.  Helps diminish dryness that causes wrinkles. [...]

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Comfrey and Healing the Skin

Comfrey and Healing the Skin Comfrey’s botanical name comes from the Greek word that means “to unite.” Comfrey, native to Europe and Asia, is also known as knitbone, bruisewort and knitback, all names referring to its use as a wound-healing herb. It has a long history of use for fractures, bruises and burns. Nicholas Culpeper, [...]

Essential Oils 101

The sense of smell is the most powerful of senses. It is capable of bringing up long-forgotten memories, feelings of delight and sorrow, as well as stimulating sexual responses. Our noses are said to be able to identify over 10,000 scents. Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care offers our Rejuvenating Seven Facial Oil Treatment loaded with essential oils! Transport your skin with heavenly essential oils.

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Natural Skin Care: A Rose By Any Other Name…

The scent of rose creates sweet dreams - and works in natural skin care products. Known for its iconic beauty and romantic implications, roses have long caught the attention of poets and suitors alike. Its attraction is due in part to its instantly recognizable scent. There is no confusing the essence of a [...]

Natural cures for puffy eyes!

Water retention not only makes you feel uncomfortable, it can also make you look less attractive. At its worst, water retention can cause an overall bloated appearance including facial puffiness and bags under the eyes. However, there are several simple, natural cures for puffy eyes so you look and feel better. To improve facial puffiness [...]

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