17 natural ways to treat eczema

Eczema appears as elevated, very parched, crusty, usually discolored patches on the skin. It is a puzzling skin ailment, caused by stress, diet, allergies, or from using highly chemicalized body care and household products, including dish detergents. Another theory is that eczema is an eliminations of toxins of hard proteins and fats. From a natural [...]

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How Feverfew Helps Skin

How Feverfew Helps Skin Feverfew can help your skin in so many ways. It's one of our favorite ingredients to use, too. There are many different varieties and species of feverfew. A member of the daisy family, the name comes from the Latin febrifugia, or “driver out of fevers.” As its name suggests, it is [...]

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Relish the Feel of Seaweed on Your Skin

If you've ever had the unfortunate experience of seaweed washing up on your feet on the beach, you know the creep factor that seaweed holds in abundance. But did you know that seaweed holds advantages for your skin in abundance too? Yes, that slimy, gushy tendril of the sea holds a bounty of benefits for [...]

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