One of the best organic anti-wrinkle treatments!

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care's USDA certified organic Kukui anti-wrinkle facial oil is the perfect fix for fine  lines. I use it everyday, all day, under make up, over make up. You can apply it 5 times a day to keep your skin consistently moist and dewy.   It gives normal skin a glowing radiance. [...]

Why use only Lily Farm Fresh Organic Skin Care?

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care—because ingredients are everything! WHY USE ONLY LILY FARM FRESH SKIN CARE? • The only skin care product you can buy directly from the USDA certified organic grower! • USDA certified organic ingredients picked fresh on her farm. • All products made FRESH in our own USDA certified organic laboratory. • [...]

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Lily Organics Skin Care changes name to: Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care

Lily Organics has changed its name to Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care January 4th, 2013-Henderson, Colorado-For immediate release—Lily Organics has changed its name to Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care. Lily Organics, the pioneer in Colorado organic skin care, has changed its name to Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care. The original Colorado local skin care company [...]

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A Lily Organics Skin Care story

ORGANIC SKIN CARE STORY The Pursuit of Happiness: The Lily Organics Story DRIVE Picture an exuberant, independent teen with a drive to travel and learn who encounters a major unexpected roadblock: the dismaying onset of terribly troublesome skin. Does she hide in her room and avoid moving forward? Or can she meet the challenge in [...]

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Questions regarding gluten free, dairy, corn, and, soy in ingredients in organic skin care.

Actual customer question-- I recently discovered that I am intolerant to gluten, dairy, corn, and soy. I LOVE your products, but am trying to determine which are safe for me to use. Could you possibly send me a list of safe products? Thank You! Deb Dear Deb, All of our products are 100% Gluten free [...]

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Best Organic Skin Care for Winter Dryness

The best anti-wrinkle moisturizer for dry winter skin is our Seven Rejuvenating moisturizing oils. It is a concentrated blend of the best oils in the world! Primrose oil is a cell proliferate and actually helps your skin regrow. Rosehip seed oil helps your collagen re-knit. Try it and I guarantee you will love it! I [...]

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Increasing the benefits of organic baths for your skin care needs!

There are many products, herbs, and essentials oils you can put in your bath to eighteen the experience and to make your skin soft and moisturized. You can buy prepared bath products or you can easily make your own using an infusion, or tea, of  organic chamomile, organic calendula,  organic arnica, organic lily, and rose. [...]

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Bath’s long history

Bath’s long history Water has been used as a therapy as far back as the ancient Egyptians. Native Americans used hot springs in the treatment of disease. Water can be beneficially in baths, steams baths, mists, footbaths, enemas, douches, and compresses. Hippocrates, the Greek physician, knew water was a type of hydrotherapy, or water cure. [...]

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5280 Magazine recent article on Lily Organics Farm to Face skin care

Organic Skin Care Products Growing in Popularity as the Baby Boomers Refuse to Age For Immediate Release | Original Press Releases A widely read Denver magazine named 5280 recently published an article on the growing popularity of organic skin care products. The article was entitled, “Beauty: Farm-to-Face with Lily Organics” and it was written by [...]

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