Cleansing acne skin

There are two different schools of thought concerning this and both make sense. I think, like so many things, it is a matter of preference.

Oil and oil-based cleansers can be very effective in cleansing oily skin. Like attracts like. Dirt, oil, and grime stick to the oil base and are cleansed away. Water-based astringents are also effective used with a cotton ball to remove oil and dirt. Soaps reduce the surface tension and allow dirt and oil to be removed.

Proper and appropriate skin care using fresh, clean, healthful ingredients is fundamentally important to good long-lasting skin care. Regular use of quality cleansers, toners, lotions, oils, steams, and gentle exfoliating masks are crucial.

Having severe acne can color your entire life, having a dramatic effect that is very difficult to treat. You just can’t use this cleanser, astringent, and tonic and it’s gone, and I really resent companies that try to sell us that bill of goods. It’s insulting to our intelligence and that is why Lily of Colorado doesn’t make a lot of wild claims about our products. I remember buying that never worked, and I felt cheated, fooled, and scammed.

Essential oils application

A small amount of the following oils blended and diluted in a high-quality almond, kukui, primrose, sunflower, or rosehip seed oil and applied directly to the erupted area is helpful: bergamot, camphor, cedarwood, juniper, lavender, and sandalwood.

You can also use the essential oils of bergamot, lemon, lemon verbena, palmarosa, spearmint, tea tree, and wintergreen.

A blend of palmarosa, yarrow, myrrh, and lavender with a light base oil such as evening primrose is a good daily application for a breakout or use a cider vinegar toner. You can make your own by mixing two tablespoons of organic cider vinegar in pure water. Make a clay mask with jumiper berry and bergamot essential oils.

Herbal steam facials

Steam is both very cleansing and detoxifying. It is very beneficial tot he overall health and condition of your skin. Use the simple method of the towel tent/hood I have described in this book. Steaming with plain water is beneficial. Even better is to add essential oils and/or herbs, allowing the steam to penetrate your skin for fifteen minutes, while you are mindful fof the scent and benefits of the herbs, breathing in slowly and deeply. Herbs you can include are lily, nettle, fennel, comfrey, and houseleek (a member of the lily family).

Excerpted from “Beauty Health and Happiness–A way of life,” by Lily Morgan available on our website at