Celebrate Colorado Proud Month with Lily

August is Colorado Proud Month

As the first organic skin care company in the state of Colorado, Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care can honestly call ourselves ‘Colorado Proud’. August is Colorado Proud month, and it recognizes companies that are based in the state. Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care is the only natural beauty skin care line in the world that grows and makes its own skin care, on its own USDA-certified organic farm in Henderson, CO.  According to the Colorado Proud website, “By buying locally grown, agricultural products, you are receiving high quality fresh products and helping Colorado’s economy, local farmers, ranchers, greenhouses, manufacturers and in your area.”

We are Colorado Proud

“We are really proud to be the pioneer in Colorado’s organic products industry. It is good for the entire state to have companies that keep land organic, and as open space. Everyone who lives in Colorado can benefit, exclaims Lily Morgan, Founder and Formulator of Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care. “Oh, and we were local before local was cool,” laughs Morgan.

The pioneer in agricultural based skin care in Colorado, Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care products have been utilizing USDA-certified organic ingredients in its full line of cleansers, toners and moisturizers for over 29 years. Many ingredients are grown on Lily’s organics Farm, harvested, and then walked to its FDA-Inspected and certified organic lab – on the same property – where it is formulated, packaged in glass bottles and shipped directly to the consumer. The company runs on the same concept as ‘farm-to-table’ restaurants, but is considered ‘farm-to-face’. “We are pretty sure we are the most sustainable skin care on Earth,” exclaims Morgan.

Products are sold in Whole Foods Market and Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage around Colorado and New Mexico, and are also available online at www.lilyfarmfreshskincare.com.  Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care products were sold in the very first Wild Oats Market that ever opened in 1986 (and is now owned by by Whole Foods) and the second Vitamin Cottage in 1986, when Vitamin Cottage’s original founder, Margaret Isely, personally brought Lily’s facial skin care line into her stores.