Comfrey for Organic Skin Care

Comfrey for Organic Skin Care

comfrey organic skin care

The healing properties in comfrey are important for organic skin care products.

Comfrey is a natural ingredient for organic skin care due to its healing properties. Allantoin, a natural chemical compound, helps heal tissue and bone. Allantoin is a cell proliferate, meaning it increases and supports cell reproduction. It is easily absorbed through the skin.

Healing Powers

Comfrey’s reputation goes beyond reweaving broken bones to healing skin lacerations and reweaving collagen. Wounds and burns heal faster when allantoin is applied. Allantoin also destroys harmful bacteria.  Because comfrey contains a high concentration of allantoin, the herb has long been touted for use with burns, wounds and even ulcers. Organic skin care products with comfrey can make use of these healing properties.


Lily's organic farm

Lily’s Farm Fresh Skin Care uses USDA-certified organic ingredients.

The thick, glue-like substance inside plants is mucilage. Comfrey’s particular formulation of mucilage is said to help new flesh grow and knit together. I suspect the mucilage creates a gel or gum that pulls the flesh together and reconnects it. The long reputation of comfrey as a curative is at least partially due to its ability to reduce swelling in the immediate area of a broken bone. In fact, according to John Gerard, a 16th-century British herbalist, “a salve concocted from the fresh herb will certainly tend to promote the healing of bruised and broken parts.”

Healing Process

Comfrey also contains some necrotic properties that help remove dead skin. To me, the healing process likely works this way:

  1. The necrotic properties help remove the dead skin.
  2. Tannins reduce inflammation.
  3. The mucilage pulls the severed skin together.
  4. Allantoin increases the reproduction of cells needed for healing.
Organic skin care Enzyme Mask

Lily’s Enzyme Mask utilizes comfrey for organic skin care.

Organic Skin Care Products

Tannins in comfrey function as anti-inflammatory and astringent agents, which not only help close wounds but aid in shrinking pores. Because the allantoin is a cell proliferate, comfrey is an important ingredient for natural organic skin care. In fact, it is probably one of the most important herbs in cosmetic formulations because of its ability to re-knit collagen. Since allantoin is easily absorbed through the skin, comfrey is valuable in organic skin care products. Here at Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care we include comfrey in our Balancing Facial Toner,  and Rejuvenating Enzyme Mask.

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    This is very interesting! I actually didn’t know about Comfrey and how great it can be for your skin. I will need to do a bit of digging into that. Thanks again! – Stella

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