How to determine a quality skin care product?

How to determine a quality skin care product?

How do you determine a quality skin care product? What makes you think a product is quality?
What goes into your thought process to make that determination? What is your criteria? What do you value?

Here are some questions I use to make the determination.

Does the product improve the overall health and appearance of my skin? Let’s face it, this is why we buy a product, we all want to look better and feel better about ourselves.

Is the product made fresh? Or, is it imported and made overseas? I prefer products that are made in America for the most part, especially, things that I am going to consume. If you consume it, freshness matters to me. In addition, things made overseas are much more expensive, just because they are made overseas, not because they are better. Many more people have to handle and add to the cost.

Does the company make their own products, or are they made by a private labeler who makes every ones products? If he makes the products for everyone, how are they different? Another way to ask this question is, if you don’t have anything to do with making your skin care products, what business are you in? The marketing business? How do you oversee quality control? How do you really know what goes into the product?

Does the company, put on the label, “No synthetic chemicals–ever?” I don’t want synthetic chemicals in my skin care. I believe Mother Nature is the best cure for Father Time. I believe in the power of plants, I want to use that power to improve the texture and general health of my skin.

Do you value a company that actually grows their own ingredients or does that just seem to persnickety and crazy? If it seems persnickety and crazy, it is because it is! We are a bit insane to go to such extreme lengths to create the best skin care product in the world, but we think it is worth it! There is no other way to insure you are making the best product in the world other than to start with the seed, grow it, on our own USDA certified organic farm, mix it all up fresh every week in our own FDA inspected lab. Let me know what you value in a product. Lily

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