A new lifestyle

Embarking on a new way of life is exciting.  There is much to try, to experience and to learn about from chiropractic, massage, colonic hydrotherapy, psychological therapy—so many treatments, theories, ways of life to delve into and try out—Zen centers, yoga, meditation.

Rejuvenating yourself through an improved way of life is delving into yourself and your relationship to the rest of the universe: it’s honoring the body God gave you, the planet you live on and your rightful space in it all.

A healthy commitment to self

It’s a commitment to taking better care of ourselves.  It’s really a lifestyle—like bikers, yuppies, or jocks have –except we hang out at health food store juice bars, shop for wheat- and dairy-free products, read the magazines and browse the books, talk to the well-informed staff, buy the latest herb we have investigated along with our organic fruit.  It’s our way of life.  We want to talk to people who are demonstrating a new product in the store; we’re interested in the newest supplements of skin care lines.  We are always open to new ideas and new products and new ways of doing things.


We think life on earth can be a positive continuous learning experience. This lifestyle is a statement against the bourgeois, mediocre, mundane, middle-class, suburban, frazzled, work nine-to-five, fifty weeks out the year for two weeks vacation, typical sedentary American lifestyle.

We don’t need big cars and houses.  We need time each day to walk, do our yoga, meditate, prepare whole foods, have our tarot cards read, ride our bikes, visit the people we love, see our many alternative health care professionals, and time to just simply be.

Best models of this new way of life

These are life choices, most exemplified by health food store employees. They are the ones on the front lines and the ones that epitomize these life choices through their chosen lifestyles.  These are many of the people I have learned from.  As a group, they are highly educated, not only formally at the universities, but self-educated, astonishingly well-read, well-traveled, and open-minded.  Their lifestyles truly represent this emerging yet unnamed, inspirational lifestyle.

They in-line skate, walk, dance, or run, drink tons of green drinks and purified water, own their own juicers, but go to the health food store to get their shots of wheat grass.  They hang out together at smoke-free parties and events.

Characteristics of this new way of life

Many of us who practice this new lifestyle don’t buy anything from China or other countries that oppress their people.  We recycle.  We get the mercury taken out of our teeth.  We seek psychics and have our astrological charts done.  We’re into taking control of ourselves and exerting our power over our bodies and minds in a big way.  We’re positive and active.  We try to be sensitive to others without a lot of judgment.  We’re open and accepting of alternative lifestyles of all kinds.

I think this way of life makes life more interesting an is one of the things tat attracted me to it; feeling good and learning new ways to deal; old problems is what kept me in it.  Read on to discover descriptions of and my personal experiences in several rejuvenation therapies and alternative health modalities.

Using the body’s own wisdom

All the modalities of healing I discuss in this book, Beauty, Health, & Happiness, are based on the belief that the body is already comprised of the inherent wisdom to heal itself.  Your skin, your cells, and your organs are each capable of healing themselves, regenerating and even reproducing.