“I decided to try out a trial size kit, specifically the Dry/Mature Kit as I am not 21 anymore, but truly feel and look like a kid!  I received it on August 28th and have been using it every day since.  It comes in a nice pouch you can reuse or takes the products with you when you travel.  There is also an instruction sheet on using the products, which is very helpful. There were five different products in the kit and I will go through each one and share my thoughts with you.  First, in general, all the products smell so fresh and alive and if you would “accidentally” swallow some, no harm would come to you, as opposed to those from other companies that may even have a warning label – Harmful if swallowed – that you need to contact the Poison Control Center if you do so.  If that is the case, why would you want to put it on your skin!  The skin is your largest organ and gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream and can harm you internally.”

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