With the first day of spring, we have to start thinking about the changing weather.

Here at the farm, we’re getting ready for our seedlings. As you know, spring is a key time for preparing for the growing season.

Spring is also the time to start thinking about your natural skin care regiment. With the changing weather, you may need to change up a few things. For instance, as the temperature warms up, you may not need such a thick moisturizer. Or, if you have allergies, you might be gearing yourself up for the onslaught! Either way, amping up with the Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Calming line is a good way to go.

Have a look at some of the seedlings getting ready to go in the ground — they’re going to make such amazing natural skin care products — the only ones you can buy directly fro the USDA-certified organic farm!

natural skin care ingredients

Natural skin care starts from the freshest ingredients.