Flower Essences

Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul.

—Luther Burbank

Are flowers important? An old proverb notes that food nourishes the body, but flowers heal the soul. An ancient Persian proverb recommends if a man has two loaves of bread, he should sell one and buy hyacinths for his soul.

Flowers have probably been used for healing since the beginning of time. The Bible refers to them time and time again. The therapy of flower essences is founded upon the premise that flowers have a subtle and particular healing quality of energy that can cause fundamental shifts in our emotions, and are therefore used to address profound issues of well being. It is said that flower essences can relieve feelings of insecurity, frustration, and anger, and that they can even work on a deeper level of emotions that can help you change your response to negative situations.

Flower essences differ from other organic healing herbs because their benefit is not from the chemical constituency of the product. Instead, they work when the “life force” of the plant is imparted into the water in which the flowers are immersed in outdoor sunshine. It is believed that the water then contains the vibrational energetic patterns of the plant. Flower essences’ ability to create a place for healing to happen is not based upon chemical action with the body. “Rather, flower essences work through the various human energy fields, which in turn influence mental, emotional, and physical well-being,” according to the book, Flower Essence Repertory—A Comprehensive Guide to North American and English Flower Essences for Emotional and Spiritual Well-being.

It is said that flower essences help bring emotional change through subtle insights of awareness. Flower Essence Repertory explains how this works: “The action of flower essences can be compared to the effects we experience from hearing a particularly moving piece of music, or seeing an inspirational work of art. The light or sound waves which reach our senses may evoke profound feelings in our soul, which indirectly affect our breathing, pulse rate, and other physical states.” This occurs without impacting our bodies by direct physical or chemical intervention.

Dr. Bach’s flower essences

In the 1930s, Dr. Edward Bach discovered the flower essence system we now use. He studied the effects of the plants’ subtle energies on specific emotions, and came up with his system. Dr. Bach was one of the first people to understand and create a therapy based on the correlation between what we think and how we feel. A main principle was the terrible toll that negative emotional states could have on one’s health, creating havoc and causing dis-ease. “Bach went further, however, in that he knew that true health is based on a connection of one’s life and destiny with a larger purpose.”

Hanna Kroeger and flowers

In her book, The Seven Spiritual Causes of Ill Health, healer Hanna Kroeger states: “Flowers are messengers of the angels and are symbolic of angelic communication. They have a spiritual ministry and are signatures of the soul. Each flower has its own shape, size, color and tone, and sings in its own vibratory note. Each flower family is given its own special work to perform for humanity. Each plant bears deeply with its heart a message to the human family.”

Flower essences contain the vibrational frequency, or essences of the flowers’ healing powers, and are made by floating flowers in purified water in the sunlight outside for several hours. The flower essences receive healing power from the earth, sun, air, and water. Essences are made from flower blossoms picked at the height of their blooming cycle.

You can take three to five different flower essences at one time. However, as a function of the cure, I think every time you take a dropper of a flower essence you need to be mindful why you are taking it. The purpose is to reinforce and support yours elf in your efforts to heal.

A sampling of healing flower blossom essences

Here are a few flower essences and the particular aid they have been known to provide. Try others that appeal to you and meet your individual needs.

Moonshine yarrow helps keep emotions balanced.

Pink yarrow is used for trouble defining boundaries and for not absorbing others’ negativity.

Rose helps through transitional times of growth. Many of our organic skin care products contain rose, like our organic toners.

Blackberry helps call in discipline when needed.

Chamomile relieves tension and has a calming effect. Many of our organic skin care products contain Chamomile.

Yarrow protects against negativity.

Wild oat helps with finding direction in life.

Willow helps heal resentment, a “poor me” attitude.

Larch helps with lack of self-esteem.

Holly is for feelings of hatred, jealousy, and envy.

is for self-obsession.

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