To soften, cleanse, and refresh skin, make a mixture of two tablespoons honey with one-half teaspoon organic vinegar and one-half teaspoon lemon juice. Mix well and apply to the face. Leave on for one-half hour. Do this daily to restore a youthful appearance. It aids in cleansing, protecting, and drawing moisture to your skin.

Honey is a perfect base for masks. You can use honey alone or you could make thousands of different kinds of masks. Try grinding to a powder the following herbs and mixing them with honey to make a paste to apply to your face: lily, lavender, rose, chamomile, and calendula. Or come up with your own herbal blend.

Try any of the following or apply honey to your face alone:

  • Use two tablespoons honey and add a few drops of one of the following essential oils: rose, blue chamomile, lavender, or ylang ylang.
  • Use equal parts of honey, yogurt, and your favorite powdered herb and apply to your face.
  • Try equal parts of honey, milk, and powdered lavender.
  • Try equal parts of honey and oatmeal.
  • Try equal parts of honey and freshly peeled papaya.

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