Lily Organics Beauty, Health, and Happiness: A Way of Life shares many thoughts on how to live a more peaceful life.  It states, “What’s missing in an overly stressful life is peace.”  The book mentions many different ways in which one can de-stress.

“Natural de-stressers – Many herbs are natural de-stressers which can help you relax.  A couple of cups of chamomile tea or any of the following herbs in tea, tincture, or capsule form to relax: valerian, kava kava, St. John’s wort, or lemon balm.

HomeSpa – Try the Lily Homespa – a wonderful pre-packaged, everything-you-need-to-do-at-home-spa-product. It includes very specific, step-by-step instructions to take a two-hour retreat of relaxation in your own home.”

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