Many Americans seem to spend more time and money on their cars than their bodies.  My mother suspects it’s because cars come with manuals and our bodies don’t. Your car and your body do work a lot alike.  They both are combustible engines, taking in fuel to produce energy.  Each has a system of waste removal.  These systems must function properly for optimum performance.

Waste elimination is crucially important.  This is done through the skin, kidneys, intestines, and the lungs.  The kidneys filter approximately twenty gallons of liquid per day.  We need to drink lots of water daily. This will keep the kidneys flushed from oxins they have taken in as the body’s fluid filtering system.

A vast array of foods, water, metals, chemicals, bacteria or other organisms- even emotional turmoil- can cause toxins, substances that are harmful to us.  Your susceptibility and your basic immunity to such toxins are very individual.  Your body was designed to detoxify it self, but many people either do not have the constitutional strength or the nutrients available for the body to do so.  The toxins can inhibit your body’s natural regenerative ability.  According to the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), approximately 500,00 chemicals are used today.  Harmful chemicals and toxins can enter the body via penetration of the skin just as easily as healthy substances can.