Q: Why is organic skin care so important?

Lily: Mainly because of synthetic chemicals!  Many synthetic chemicals have been found to be toxic and a cancer correlation and are found in lots of skin care products. Organically grown agricultural products and plants are the best ingredients for your skin.  For example, comfrey is the best anti-aging ingredient that a skin care product can contain; it is a documented cell proliferate, by the British medical journal.  This means it helps collagen re-grow.

Q: Why do you actually grow your own ingredients?

Lily: Because ingredients are everything!  Freshness is the only other important thing. It all started back in 1986, when I could not find the most basic organic herbs anywhere. I am a 7th generation American grower, since before the American Revolution, so I know my way around growing.  Organic farming is not rocket science, it just takes hard work.

But, more importantly, it is how quality is defined.  We have to look at our skin care like our food consumption.  A quality restaurant is one that grows its own herbs and makes all the dishes up fresh.  That is what we do.  We grow our own ingredients and then we serve our products up fresh!  You don’t want synthetic chemicals in your food, and you don’t want them in your skin care. 

Don’t forget, the skin is your largest organ, larger than you stomach or intestines.  It is now clearly documented that what you put on your skin enters your body.

Q: Why is it important to be a USDA certified organic grower for skin care? 

Lily: So the consumers can be 100% completely confident that our products are what we say they are. 

The USDA is the gold standard in the world!  Again, if we come back to the basic definition of quality in skin care, and a certification program that consumers can be confident, the USDA is it.  It is the United Stated Dept. of Agriculture.

Organic may be trendy and hip to a lot of people, but it is really a methodology of agriculture that never permits anything synthetic on the farm or plants.

To be able to buy directly from the USDA certified organic grower is a wonderful advantage for the consumers.   I personally am with these products seed to shelf, it is an assurance they cannot get from any other company in the world.   The products have a quality control system in place, not only the USDA but me! 

Don’t you love it when you go into a restaurant and you can immediately identify the owner and they come over and personally check on your satisfaction and quality of the food? 

This is the reason so many of us are so dissatisfied with business in America today, there is no one real person overseeing and concerned about our satisfaction.  Lily Organics is the anti-outsourcing company.

Most skin care companies have nothing to do with their products, they are made in out of state or much worse, out of the country.  We are a part of renewal of organic farming and micro manufacturing in America.  Consumers need to know who and where their skin care products are made if they want quality.

Q: How does it benefit a person’s skin? 

Lily: Quality skin care is grown on an organic farm, is made up fresh, and gives women the results they desire.  Like Comfrey, containing anti-aging chemical constituents, arnica is anti-inflammatory, lavender is anti-bacterial, Rose is anti-septic and naturally astringent, rosemary is cleansing, chamomile is used to reduce swelling..these plants have been used for thousands of years, tried, true and tested to work.

I would gather to say that plants are the only thing that truly work to make your skin more radiant, your wrinkles look diminished.  Organic plants are the answer women are looking for to heal their skin, reduce wrinkling, and to look more youthful.

Q: Why do you recommend women make their own kitchen or garden cosmetics? 

Lily: Because that is the only way they can get a product that is better and fresher than mine!

It is no secret that the chemical and pesticide companies and the pharmaceutical companies all grew up together and want to patent everything.  I think the reason plants have not had their fair amount of great praise is because you cannot patent them and sell them under a brand.  Plants are the answers to so many problems today…but it is very empowering for women to really get that they can grow mint for tea and bug repellant in their garden, they can grow calendula to make the best facial toner, they can use organic olive oil as a facial oil from their kitchen, and all will be of higher quality than 99% of all the products on the market right now.

Q: How did you get started in this business?

Lily: I got started from having really bad skin.  I had such terrible acne as a teenager that it ruined my whole life.  I tried everything, bought everything, went to several dermatologists, and nothing worked…..if they would have, I would have moved on with my life and went to law school.  But I was stuck on fixing my skin, and I did.

www.lilyorganics.com  Our products are available at all Vitamin cottages and most Whole Foods in Colorado.