Kissable Lips for all

Kissable Lips for all

Keep your lips smooth and moist and ready for anything with Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Kissable Lips. This ultra sheer lip treatment is hand-crafted in the our FDA inscpected lab. It contains beeswax, almond oil, sesame oil, oil of avocado, sunflower oil, olive oil, vitamin E, bee propolis, & lecithin.

This no-nonsense lip balm can also be used in a pinch to help soften rough cuticles and dry elbows too.

Why it Works so Well
a) Beeswax- an emollient and thickener in many products, it is obtained from the honeycomb of the bee’s hive.
b) Sweet Almond Oil- an emollient and nourishing natural oil, softening to the skin and hair. Widely used for massage and in natural skin care products. Extracted from almond nutmeats. Aids dry skin and used as a makeup remover, massage oil, or bath oil. Use sweet almond oil as a base for homemade herbal oils and skin care products.
c) Sesame Oil- a very light, unsaturated oil and one of the best natural sunscreens. A skin softener, it is said to absorb UV light.
d) Oil of Avocado-moisturizing
e) Sunflower Oil- wonderfully healing
f) Vitamin E- as an antioxidant, vitamin E oil protects skin cell from free radical damage. It can lessen scarring and speed healing when applied to a wound. Vitamin E oil also softens and lubricates the skin.
g) Bee Propolis- healing to open, slow-healing sores, with direct anti-bacterial activity. Inhibits microbe growth. Gathered by bees from trees to coat the opening of the hive for sterilization of all that enters. Good acne treatment.
h) Lecithin-found in egg yolks, corn, and soybeans, lecithin is a fatty powder. It is used in creams as a natural phospholipids emulsifier. Wonderfully emollient on the skin and an antioxidant.

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