Water retention not only makes you feel uncomfortable, it can also make you look less attractive. At its worst, water retention can cause an overall bloated appearance including facial puffiness and bags under the eyes. However, there are several simple, natural cures for puffy eyes so you look and feel better.

To improve facial puffiness due to water retention, you need to take care of your overall health, especially the process that helps cleanse your body; the kidney filtration system. According to one of the health evaluation methods created in ancient Asia—the art of diagnosing the condition of your health by studying the face—the region below the eye corresponds to the kidneys, the organics that filter toxins from your bloodstream.

Therefore, this ancient approach to health attributes eye bags to stagnation or sluggishness in the kidneys. To address water retention problems and natural cures for puffy eyes, you need to help the kidneys cleanse your body by your diet and drinking plenty of fluids such as juice or herbal teas and pure water.

Dietary changes for puffy eyes

Natural drinking waterCauses of water retention are numerous, and poor diet can be a major contributor. To help release excess fluids from your body and enhance your overall health, reduce or cut out fatty foods, especially meats, simple refined sugars, and table salt. Replace these with vegetables, fresh fruits, and herbal seasonings.

Another dietary way to get rid of unwanted fluids from your body is to change your intake of liquids. Eliminate or cut down on coffee, carbonated drinks, and alcohol, and cut out diet soda because it’s high in sodium. Replace these beverages with pure water. In addition to adding or eliminating certain foods and liquids from your diet, you could include herbs, juices and teas to help you get rid of excess fluids.

Cleansing herbs to reduce puffiness

Parsley has long been added to herbal medicines for its ability to help cure many ills including kidney dysfunction. Combine parsley with foods such as salads or try a parsley salad (stems removed) all by itself. It’s delicious with vinaigrette or lemon dressing.

Horseradish, believed to be one of the post potent herbal diuretics, is another food used to eliminate excess water from kidneys. A traditional preparation consists of one ounce of fresh chopped horseradish root, one-half ounce of bruised mustard seed, and one pint of boiling water. Let the horseradish and mustard seed soak in water in a covered dish for four hours, strain, and take three tablespoons three times a day.

Healthy juices to reduce puffiness

Try celery and lemon juice to cleanse impurities from the bloodstream. Peach juice promotes urination, which helps eliminate stored waste, whereas pear juice cleanses the bowels and kidneys; cranberry juice contains a natural fruit acid which can also aid elimination.

Herbal teas to reduce puffiness

Adding herbal teas to your diet can also help purge your body of excess fluids. Make your own by purchasing bulk herbs or buy one of the many packaged herbal teas formulated specifically for detoxification and cleansing. Check the labels.

Beauty rest to look younger

Like diet, sleep habits can affect fluid retention in your body. In fact, sleeping positions help determine where fluids settle on your face. To help this problem , you may find it useful to sleep on your back with your head and upper body slightly elevated. Otherwise, fluids can pool in your face, creating facial puffiness and eye bags.

Facial masks to reduce skin puffiness

Organic Chamomile for natural skin care products

Organic Chamomile

As an added measure to help release fluids from your body, facial masks help reduce facial puffiness. Look for anti-inflammatory and anti-puffiness products that contain seaweed in your natural products store.

Seaweeds are cool and soothing, help reduce inflammation, and are high in tannic acids, natural ingredients that won’t dry your skin; or use chamomile, calendula, or rosemary.

20 natural cures for puffy eyes and to reduce skin puffiness:

  1. Placing an ice pack over the eyes for five to ten minutes can help reduce puffiness. A bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a towel or piece of cloth over the eyes, works really well.
  2. Get lots of fresh air and adequate sunshine.
  3. Drink lots of cranberry juice
  4. Use eye masks high in tannic acid; apply wet, black-tea bags to closed eyes.
  5. Go to a steam room regularly.
  6. Bathe with juniper, rosemary, essential oil, and Epson salt.
  7. Do an internal detox.
  8. Do yoga to stimulate the vital organs and increase circulation.
  9. For a quick fix in the morning, open the freezer door an stick your head in momentarily; cold contracts tissues.
  10. Soak a cloth in a weak solution of juniper berry oil and lavender, or cypress and water; do not get in eyes.
  11. Other essential oils that can decrease puffiness are rose geranium or fennel, used very diluted with water, as above.
  12. Apply a poultice of chamomile flowers.
  13. Dissolve one teaspoon of sea salt in one cup of hot water and then refrigerate the water; after it is very cold, check that the sea salt is dissolved and apply to the eye area with cotton balls or a compress for twenty minutes. Rinse with very cool water and apply a light, Oil Free Skin Conditioning Serum.
  14.  Eyebright herb steeped as a tea, one teaspoon per one cup of water, and applied with cotton balls or as a compress will go a long way to refresh eyes from redness, dust, tiredness, or overwork.
  15.  Lily’s vinegar tonic really helps cleanse, tone, and stimulate the fluids in the body.
  16.  For dark circles, try strawberries; they are very bleaching.
  17.  To treat puffy or dark circles under the eyes, try a potato compress. You can cut the potato and apply or grate the potato and put in gauze; leave on for one-half hour while lying down, relaxing, and thinking positive thoughts.
  18.  Use a cucumber the same way as potatoes for great results.
  19.  Eating a lot of steamed asparagus is also helpful in increasing the flow of urine.
  20.  Apply cut apples.

Excerpted from “Beauty Health and Happiness–A way of life,” by Lily Morgan available on our website at www.lilyfarmfreshskincare.com

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