Many old books on lavender say that its smell has the power to conjure memories of other times and places. I have seen this statement proven time after time. I use lavender in many of my products; such as our Lavender Moisturizing Cream, and when people smell the product full of essential oil, they say, “This reminds me of the first girl I ever loved” or “This reminds me of my grandmother’s house” or “My mother used to wear this scent.” I love lavender and I think it is one of the most wonderful flowers, fragrances, and cosmetic ingredients known to womankind.
Lavender has a very clean, spare, and classic fragrance. Its very name derives from the Latin verb “to wash” and both the Romans and the Greeks scented their soaps and bathwater with the flower.

Lavender is balancing

Both historically and today, lavender has so many uses it would almost be confusing, except for the fact that it is so balancing. This is one word you must remember whenever you hear anything about lavender. For example, in the Middle Ages, lavender was thought to be an herb of love, and it was often used as an aphrodisiac. However, it seemed to work both ways because it is also said that lavender sprinkled on one’s head is helpful in keeping one’s chastity. For more about this versatile plant, see the section on Lavender under Herbs and Essential Oils in Lily’s Book, Beauty, Health and Happiness.

Lavender is used in just about every kind of skin care product, and all correctly, because lavender is so balancing. It is perfect for dry skin, normal skin, and oily skin. One of lavender’s most important uses is to normalize the oil flow of the glands. Lavender stimulates the skin, but it is also the universal calming and soothing oil. Lavender in any form is valuable in all body care products, including, but not limited to facial steams, masks, cleansers, astringents, toners, lotions, creams, oils, bath products, and sleep aids. It is applied as an antiseptic for swabbing pimples, wounds, acne, or sores.
I personally love lavender oil, and I put essential oil in my bath, I make own perfume using lavender as one of the key ingredients. I put it in all my oils for my bath and hair.
Lavender is one the best remedies for burns and bee stings. Before World War I, lavender was used as a disinfectant for wounds because of it strong ant-bacterial action. Traditionally, it has been used to freshen sickrooms, to soothe troubled minds and bodies, and as a medicine for hysteria, nervous palpitations, and headaches. Lavender has even been used for embalming corpes, cuing animals of lice, repelling mosquitoes, and taming lions and tigers.

Sleep Pillows

Probably my favorite use for lavender is in the sleep pillows I make. I take one-half cup of lavender, one-half cup of hops, and two tablespoons of mugwort herb, and for simplicity’s sake, I fold them up in an old pillowcase and then put it inside my regular pillowcase. More ambitious people can choose delightfully appropriate fabrics featuring moons, stars, and angles- whatever appeals to them- and make small pillows, say 6 to 8 inches square, or round, triangular, or even free form. Choose whatever pleases you.
Lavender has the most wonderful scent; the hops scent is a sedative and helps you relax and prepare for a wonderful sleep. The mugwort helps you have better dreams and remember them.
Many stores sell them dream pillows: however, I think it is probably best to make them yourself, because it is said that negative vibrations can be passed from the person making them to the herbs. Why take the chance? You can lovingly make these for yourself and those around you.