We are asked daily if all of our skin care products are gluten free, and the answer is, “YES!” We will be putting on all of our labels the gluten free logo.

Many customers who want to purchase the best organic skin care, also want to purchase gluten free skin care products, you can rest assured all of our products are 100% gluten free!

Because we grow so many of our own ingredients and make all of products up fresh, we know everything about every ingredient that enters our laboratory. Unlike most skin care companies that hire a private label manufacturer to make up their products, we never have any gluten contaminants in our laboratory at any time.  If the product you buy is made in a private label manufacturer, then there is a big concern for cross contamination.

This is one more reason to only buy from companies that make all of their own products up fresh! Buy the best organic skin care product gluten free. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns! Lily