natural skin care products lavender

Natural skin care products that use lavender are great for calming skin.

Lily Farm Fresh 30-Day Challenge is just that — a challenge for you to try our natural skin care products and tell us what you think.

The lovely Fallon accepted out challenge. She decided to give our Balancing line a try, having picked it up at the Northglenn Vitamin Cottage here in Colorado.

First up was the Balancing Seaweed Facial Cleanser, a nourishing, cleanser comprised of seaweed and essential oils. This natural skin care products works very well on oily, combination or normal skin.

Fallon rated the Balancing Seaweed Facial Cleanser at a seven out of ten. Fallon said she loved it and “It seems to really balance my skin.” She stated it didn’t feel a deep-cleaning effect, though.

Next up was the Balancing Facial Toner, a combination of herbs to tone, heal and hydrate the skin. The Balancing Facial Toner is especially beneficial for people who want an extra boost to control blemishes and
break outs without drying the skin.

Fallon stated that she really loved this product, rating it at a nine out of ten.

The Balancing Moisture Cream is formulated for normal to dry, sun damaged or stressed-out skin. It’s great for people who have combination skin.

Fallon rated this natural skin care product at a nine out of ten, calling it “so gentle.”

The final product that the lovely Fallon rated was the Rejuvenating Enzyme Mask. This fantastic product uses the power of the papaya enzyme papain to exfoliate dead skin and stimulates new cell growth. It’s perfect for all skin types.

Fallon raved about the Rejuvenating Enzyme Mask, remarking, “Lovely — feels so fresh!” She rated the product at a nine out of ten.

Fallon was kind enough to add, “Lovely products, one of my favorites — homemade feel!”

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