Lavender soothes.  Ask anyone just back from a vacation in the South of France.  Fall under the spell of its color, its scent, and the aromatherapy it provides.  In this tiny bottle from Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care (2 oz) is a world of lavender, blended with luscious flowers, vegan oils and butters.  If you find yourself in deep cold winter weather, or in sunburnt vacation mode, the cream will soothe and comfort.  Use it after your conditioning Serum to provide another layer of protection.  Organics is a way of life, and local is a creed. Lily covers both bases, and gives us products that are easy to love and live with.  Their formula for beautiful skincare makes this brand a must on any countertop or vanity.

If you are looking for organic cruelty free beauty products, than look no further than Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care. Their diverse line of products has something for everyone. I really like their Organic Lavender Moisturizing Cream. It smells heavenly and leaves your skin feeling soft. This product is made for all skin types and can be used morning and night. Best of all, Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Organic Lavender Moisturizing Cream helps elevate the dryness that causes wrinkles. It also helps nourish and balance your skin. I recommend trying this today or surprising your best friend with a little winter pick me up.
When it comes to a moisturizing cream, I am always looking for one that goes on lightweight and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling afterward.  I have found that in the Organic Lavender Moisturizing Cream by Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care.  It didn’t weigh my skin down at all.  With the weather being so sketchy lately, my skin always tends to dry out pretty quickly.  This moisturizer was the best thing I’ve found to help my winter skin.  I couldn’t imagine what I would do without this cream now.  I have told as many people as I can about this amazing cream.  I highly recommend it!
This moisturizing cream smells great! I love the fact that it is organic and I am not rubbing things that are bad for me into my skin. I have sensitive skin that dries out easily and this cream worked wonders. It soaked in quickly and it didn’t leave a greasy residue. I love how quickly my skin responded to this moisturizing cream. It definitely made my skin look much better. Honestly, I am not sure I could use another moisturizer. If you are looking for an organic product for your face, Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care is the line for you and the moisturizing cream is the perfect product to start with.
Article written by Whom You Know.