In just a couple of weeks, many people will be celebrating Valentine’s Day − a day to celebrate someone special in one’s life, and equally important but often overlooked, is an occasion to celebrate love for oneself.  Lily Morgan, Author of Beauty, Health, and Happiness: A Way of Life, and founder and formulator of Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care shares the following advice during this month dedicated to love.  “First, to be happy it is important to love yourself.  Love is a verb, so just as loving someone else has to be full of action, so does loving yourself.  The art of appreciating yourself involves action.  Action includes participating in your own well-being, your own beauty, and your own health – doing what you know is good for you.”

Morgan’s line of organic skin care includes one product in particular that addresses the need for self-care, The Home Spa Kit.  “We all know spending a day at a world class spa would go a long way towards self-care, but time and money usually prevent this indulgence, so we created the Home Spa Kit to bring the “spa” experience to our customers,” says Morgan.  Included in an easy to carry (or pack!) pretty pink tote, the kit includes cleanser, toner, facial cream, mask, oil treatment, tea, candle, steaming herbs, and well thought out affirmations on how to quiet the mind and make the most of the two hour mini vacation!  The Home Spa Kit retails for $33.49 on the company’s website.

In addition to the Home Spa Relaxation Kit, Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care offers a wide range of skin care products perfect for Valentine’s Day gift-giving.  To celebrate the month of love, customers buying any Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Cleanser and Moisturizer will receive a Rose Facial Toner (a $19.99 value) for free throughout the month of February, a much better value ( and longer lasting) than an overpriced dozen red roses!  Visit and enter code VDPR213, or call 303-455-4194 and mention coupon code VDPR213 to receive this special price.

Founded in 1986, Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care is the original Colorado organic skin care company.  The company manufactures skincare products incorporating ingredients from Lily Morgan’s own USDA certified organic farm.  Lily Morgan is the company’s founder and product formulator, and behind the enterprises unequivocal dedication to “seed to shelf” quality.  All products are 100% non-synthetic and chemical free and are freshly produced every week in the company’s FDA certified lab.  Ms. Morgan is also the author of Beauty, Health, and Happiness-A Way of Life. Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care products can be found at and natural grocers nationwide.