Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Loves Pollinators

Lily’s organic farm in Henderson, Colorado, supports pollinators by growing countless varieties of herbs, flowers and plants that naturally attract pollinators. She grows fennel, borage, oregano, lavender, yarrow, sage, thyme, comfrey and evening primrose, among others.

These certified organic plants are used in Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care products as founder, master formulator and Chief Organic Officer (COO) Lily Morgan, is also dedicated to sustainability. She has purposefully chosen several of these plants specifically because they attract pollinators.

Lily says, “We are about creating a style of life that is organic and sustainable for the Earth and its people. That includes pollinators – they’re essential for my farm, too.”

Why Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Loves Pollinators

National Pollinator Week is June 15th to June 21st, 2015 and is initiated by the Pollinator Partnership, it promotes the health of pollinators by way of education, conservation and research. We support pollinators because without bees, butterflies, bats and all the many winged creatures that pollinate our organic herbs, flowers and plants, we would simply not have a farm. Bees are responsible for pollinating because they naturally increase our crop yields. Sadly, pollinators are decline due to diminishing farmland.

We believe that if a bee or butterfly pollinates a plant sprayed with conventional pesticides, that the bee then carries the toxic pollen gathered from the flower to the next flower visited and so on it goes until all of Mother Nature is tainted. So, we simply do not use pesticides and pollinators are attracted to our farmland.

About Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care is the original pioneer of local, organic skin care in Colorado. Lily Morgan has been handcrafting purely natural skincare products since 1986. “We were organic before organic was cool,” says Lily, formerly known as Lily Organics. Her business model allows customers to buy organic skin care directly from a USDA-certified organic grower.