Russian sage

Russian sage attracts pollinators such as bees and hummingbirds.

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care supports National Pollinator Week – all year long.

Lily’s organic farm in Henderson, Colorado, supports pollinators by growing several varieties of plants that natural attract pollinators. We grow fennel, borage, oregano, lavender, yarrow, sage and evening primrose, among others.


Wild fennel has yellow flowers and fragrant leaves.  The yellow “umbrellas” of flowers attract bees. Oil is made from the fragrant seeds. The seeds themselves taste like licorice. I have found fennel seed to be useful and anti-inflammatory in cleansers, shampoos, toners and astringents. Lily Farm Fresh Balancing Facial Toner and Calming Sensitive Facial Toner contain fennel.


Lavender is actually considered an evergreen shrub, but the delicate purple flowers are also naturally attractive to pollinators. The smell of lavender has the power to conjure memories of other times and other places. Lavender is perfect for balancing in natural skin care products — I use it in several of our organic skin care products: Hydrating Moisture Mist, Balancing Seaweed Facial Cleanser, Balancing Facial Toner, Balancing Lavender Cream, Nourishing Facial Cleanser, Nourishing Seven Facial Oil Treatment and Organic Rose Facial Toner.


Clusters of yellow and lavender-colored flowers not only add beauty to my organic farm, they also provide natural landing pads for butterflies. Yarrow has a long history of healing. For centuries yarrow has been used to heal wounds. It also has astringent qualities — in fact, being an anti-inflammatory agent makes yarrow an excellent addition to organic skin care products. Lily Farm Fresh Balancing Facial Lotion and Nourishing Moisturizing Cream for Dry Skin utilize the benefits of yarrow.


Russian sage is a low-maintenance and drought-tolerant plant that is popular with bees, butterflies and hover flies. This distinct-smelling herb purifies and tones dull skin. Sage works well as an antiseptic, cleanser and a deodorant. I include sage in Balancing Seaweed Facial Cleanser and Nourishing Facial Cleanser.


These organic plants are used in Lily Farm Fresh natural skin care products. However,  I am also dedicated to sustainability. I have purposefully chosen several of these plants specifically because they attract pollinators.

“We are about creating a style of life that is organic and sustainable for both Earth and its people. That includes pollinators – they’re essential for my farm, too.”

National Pollinator Week runs from June 16 to 22. Initiated by the Pollinator Partnership, promotes the health of pollinators by way of education, conservation and research.