What the Lily Method can do to improve your life

What the Lily Method can do to improve your life

  • Help you let go of the negative thoughts you have about yourself because of your present bad habits
  • Help you look and feel better because of the new positive habits you are incorporating
  • Make your life more interesting by trying many new things
  • Create self-confidence because you are taking control of your life
  • Create self-discipline, which is the cornerstone to happiness


The Lily Method is just that you keep trying new things and keep a commitment to the things that are improving your life. Try my method. Just plan on being a little more beautiful, a little healthier, and a little happier.


  • Wearing essential oils instead of synthetic perfumes
  • Drinking a relaxing cup of chamomile tea one night a week
  • Adding a fresh apple to your daily diet
  • Taking a bath with essential oil of lavender to relax once a week
  • Buying one pure body care product without any synthetic ingredients
  • Giving up beef for one week
  • Meeting your friends for a walk instead of a meal
  • Buying organic produce for one week
  • Buying and using an inexpensive water purifier
  • Bringing carrots to work to snack on for one week
  • Buying one fat-free healthy snack food to try
  • Taking one good multivitamin every day for a month
  • Using a shampoo without sodium laurel sulfate
  • Saying one positive affirmation daily
  • Buying a good book on herbal remedies and using one of them first instead of commercial products
  • Planning your next vacation around a healthful activity (swimming, skiing, snorkeling, hot springs, hiking)
  • Taking a sauna or steambath twice a week for a month
  • Doing one yoga pose for 30 seconds every morning for a week
  • Doing ten sit-ups every morning for a week
  • Buying one more herb to cook with and using it
  • Keeping a daily journal for one week
  • Drinking more water each day for a week
  • Drinking one less cup of coffee per day for two weeks
  • Buying one herb of your choice in bulk and doing at least two different things with it
  • Keeping an aloe plant in your kitchen for burns and pimples
  • Doing a hot-oil treatment for your hair once a week
  • Setting aside one or two hours to meander around a health food store, look at items, ask questions, and purchase a couple of things that you find interesting
  • Buying one herbal book


Congratulate yourself on your achievements, no matter how small. Forgive yourself for any slip-ups. Enjoy the satisfaction of doing something good for your body. Enjoy taking more charge of your life.

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