While part of the population is taking advantage of ‘going green’ in March, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Lily Organics all natural facial skin care takes that phrase a little differently.  Lily Organics full line of skin care is made from ingredients grown on its USDA Certified Organic farm inColorado.  After grown, those ingredients are walked over to its FDA inspected lab, on the same property, where they are formulated into cleansers, toners and moisturizers for all skin types.  The formulations are then placed into glass bottles and shipped directly to the customer each week, after a new batch is made.  This ensures no waste, use of recyclable materials and minimal transportation.

Lily Morgan, Founder and Formulator of Lily Organics, believes the greenest thing you can do is “be a USDA Certified Organic grower. You keep the food, land and water clean.”  This is why Lily spends so much time, energy and money ensuring her farm is USDA Certified Organic. Lily also lives on her farm, so she walks to work every day.

Lily Organics is not only ‘going green’ in March, they would also like its customers to ‘save green’ by offering a special during the entire month of March.  When a customer spends $80 on Lily Organics all natural, green products, they can take $10 off their purchase with coupon code PR03/12.  Lily Organics is sold online at http://www.lilyorganics.com/ and in Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottages throughoutColorado andNew Mexico.

Lily Morgan is the author of Beauty, Health, and Happiness-A Way of Life. She is the founder and formulator of Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care, chemical-free skin care line of facial care products which can be found at www.lilyorganics.com.