Henderson, CO – Lily Organics Farm Fresh Skin Care celebrates 25 years of growing ingredients on its own farm in Colorado, and formulating those ingredients into a full skin care line, in 2011. Lily Morgan, Founder and Formulator, started the line with her Oil-Free Conditioning Serum after being unable to find anything to cure her cyst acne. 25 years later, her line consists of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, lip balm and a hydrating mask for dry sensitive, normal, combination, anti-aging and acne-prone skin and her farm has received USDA Organic Certification. She also published a self-help book, Beauty, Health, and Happiness: A Way of Life.

Morgan knew from the start that she wanted to design her own skin care using only organic ingredients, way before the organic movement became fashionable. In order to do this, she realized she would have to grow her own. As a seventh-generation farmer, it was already in her blood. Morgan grew up on her father’s farm where he was both a Pomologist and Horticulturist. This experience, combined with her formal studies at the Colorado Herbal College in Boulder, CO, put her in the right path for what she wanted to accomplish. Now, 25 years later, she has broadened her experience in formulating, manufacturing and selling organic skin care products, which are available in Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottages throughout CO as well as online at www.lilyorganics.com.

When asked what makes Lily Organics stand out from other skin care brands currently on the market, Morgan replied, “We are the only USDA Certified Organic grower/skin care company on Earth. This means we are truly a seed-to-shelf product. We can monitor quality control through every step of the process. This allows the customer to get the freshest products available with ingredients that come from our USDA Certified Organic farm and made up in our USDA Certified Organic lab. The consumer can rest assure that stringent controls are in place and there is a constant monitoring from one of the highest standards in the world.”

Future plans for Lily Organics include a farm factory store in Hudson, CO. The facility will be a Colorado agri-tourist destination, similar to the Coors factory in Golden, CO. People can visit the location and see exactly how the company operates. They are also anticipating housing approximately five other similar, green, handcrafted businesses for tourists to visit including a winery, bakery and a hemp or tofu company. They will offer shaded picnic tables to bring a lunch and sample what the businesses there have to offer. Lily Organics is currently waiting to get its zoning approval by January 1, 2012.

Lily Morgan is the author of Beauty, Health, and Happiness-A Way of Life. She is the founder and formulator of Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care, chemical-free skin care line of facial care products which can be found at www.lilyorganics.com.