Henderson, CO – For over 20 years, Lily Morgan, Founder and Formulator of Lily Organics Farm Fresh Skin Care, has been helping the Friends of Tibetan Settlements in India (FOTSI). During that time, Morgan has raised thousands of dollars through fundraisers, contributed to the building funds for a new, larger habitat for Tibetan nuns and, more recently, she helps to support five Tibetan refugees who live in, or are from, Mungdod. In addition to Lily and her company, Lily Organics, helping, Lily’s mother bought cows and her brother bought sewing machines in order to provide items that help increase the self-sufficiency of the Tibetans in need.

“Lily Morgan, of Lily Organics, has been such an inspiration to me and to our organization (FOTSI), and has provided truly helpful financial aid! This help has made the difference for real people, Tibetan refugees, who have been able to get desperately needed fruits and vegetables, as well as a roof over their heads. Lily, with long-term individual support and provision of tools for earning a living, has also made the daily life of five people and their families positive and productive when there was no hope before,” states Chela Kunas of FOTSI.

Lily Morgan began taking an interest in Buddhism and Tibet, which is what led her to help support FOTSI. After learning of the loss of their country and independence, Lily felt it hard to fathom the hardship the Tibetans have endured and wanted to try do something about it. “My company and I love supporting the Tibetans. We are so committed that we support them every month, even when we, as a company, do not make money. We do it because they need it. I think it helps bring me good fortune and I know it brings me happiness,” says Lily Morgan.

While FOTSI helps provide funds for such things as pumps to provide irrigation for a vegetable and fruit farm and build new housing for nuns, to name a couple, they are especially proud of the success in funding education for young women in nursing schools in India. They feel Medical funds are very important for the young Tibetan people. When the young Tibetan women refugees graduate and become nurses, they help inspire others in their family, as well as the people they end up helping.

“People are encouraged to donate funds to the cause and share the story of the Tibetans with their friends. There is a lot of information about what we do, as well as a ‘Donate’ button on our website. No one gets paid in our FOTSI organization, we are all volunteers.”  Kunas, FOTSI.

Lily Morgan is the author of Beauty, Health, and Happiness-A Way of Life. She is the founder and formulator of Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care, chemical-free skin care line of facial care products which can be found at www.lilyorganics.com.