February 6, 2013-Henderson, Colorado − Lily Organics has changed its name to Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care.

Lily Organics, the pioneer in Colorado organic skin care, has changed its name to Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care.  The original Colorado local skin care company sees the companies USDA certified organic farm as the center of its business. “We are the only skin care company in the world that you can buy your skin care directly from the USDA certified organic grower.”  People want to buy their food directly from the grower, and now they can buy their organic skin care directly from the grower.

“Quality control is fundamentally important in manufacture of organic skin care, only second to the ingredients themselves.” Lily states.  They want it to be clear, that they are the only skin care company in the world that actually monitors every process from seed to shelf.  “We have complete quality control over all of our products,” States Lily.

As we become more and more high tech, many people want a relationship to not only to the land, but to the companies they do business.  “Lily Farm Fresh is exactly who we are and skin care is what we do, says Lily, the company founder and COO, Chief Organic Officer.  As a 7th generation American grower, Lily’s love for the land runs deep.  Her family has been farming in America consistently since before the American Revolution.

“We were organic before organic was cool,” laughs Lily, “I could not be happier about people wanting to buy organic and support small USDA certified organic growers.”

With organics becoming less of a trend and more of a mainstay, Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care wants everyone to know that their products are grown and made on the farm.  In addition, the word, “organic” has become more like the word, “natural,” it doesn’t really have a clear meaning to many consumers, the word, ‘farm’ they are hoping everyone understands.  “We think, if people know it is grown and made on a farm that is clearer and more meaningful to them.”

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care is available at all Vitamin Cottages by Natural Grocers and most Whole Foods Markets in Colorado and New Mexico, as well as on their website: www.lilyfarmfreshskincare.com.  Contact information Lily Morgan with any questions by phone at 303-668-1128 or email at [email protected]