We held a mini farm festival for the buyers in Colorado and Wyoming at our headquarters in Brighton, CO. It was like a harvest festival. Vitamin Cottage and Whole foods buyers came from as far as Cheyenne, Wyo and Evergreen, CO.

We had a great time. There were 16 in total. In addition, two came from Colorado’s newest aesthetician school, Botanical Aesthetics. I will be helping to teach at the new school, so check it out at www.schoolofba.com

Everyone picked their own green peppers, green chilies, hot peppers, squash and tomatoes! Then, we went to Azadore’s Mexican Restaurant in Brighton and had a training and wonderful meal.

What I loved was what a great time everyone seemed to be having. Some took pictures on the tractor holding a pitch fork!

This is an introduction for how life is going to be when we open the farm factory store in Hudson, CO.